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“Would you like a beer?” by gpiv
March 7, 2010, 1:34 pm
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103 days left until the last cws.  Since most beer has a 90 day expiration date we haven’t started putting in the beer yet.  However it won’t be long.  We go through about 100 cases or more a year at Stadium View.  We’ve given away about 35 to 40 thousand beers since I’ve owned the place.  A couple of times people have come in and given me beer.

If I’m at the front door when you enter The View is “would you like a beer”.  It throws a lot of people for a loop.  The y just don’t expect to come into a memorabalia shop and get a beer.  It started in 1992 when I bought the place.  There was only one bar in the neighborhood then and it was hard to get into to get a beer.  Since I couldn’t sell beer, I did the next best thing, I gave it away.  Now there are about 8 to 10 beer gardens in the area of the Stadium but we still carry on the tradition.

It’s Busch Light at The View.  The razzing starts when somebodys reply to the Stadium View greeting is “What kind?”.  My usual reply is “Free”.

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Give me a call please. Your neighbor on 14th.
Dan Molloy

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