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ESPN, Beer, Restaurant Recommendations and More! by gpiv
March 8, 2010, 7:20 pm
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102 days left to the CWS.  Last Tuesday ESPN sent a crew of five into the store to do an interview.  They must have gotten a decent interview cause they had to keep going out to the car for more tape.  The whole thing lasted an hour and a half.  Only cried three times.  I’m pretty sure that the over under for crying sessions per CWS day this year is thirteen per day.  I’ll take  the over and I won’t even fix the bet.  It will be saying goodbye to a lot of friends that I’ve developed over the last 19 years and may never see again.  If each want to share a final beer with me, I’m going to need a designated driver each night.

The guys from ESPN were great and their bosses will be glad to know that they declined my offer for beer at 9:00 am (I didn’t).  Dedication in todays world is hard to find.    We’ll see how skilled they are when the clips air.  Since this is the off season at Stadium View (translation: there’s not a clean spot in the place), we”ll see if they got the one angle that will make the place look beautiful this time of year.  In any event  they promised to hoist one with me in June.

I am going to renew my list of favorite Omaha Restaurants this year.  I try and recommend local places to get good food, reasonably priced and a flavor of Omaha.  If you’re an Omaha Restaurant and want to be included contact me and I’ll consider your request.  I get about hundred requests a day and over 10,000 people walk by my store.  I’m looking for a sponsor restaurant to finance the printing cost.  There is no fee for inclusion, though I would like you to donate several gift certificates to be used in the five or six charity golf outings and fundraisers I run each year.  The number sometimes varies depending on if we have some unexpected illnesses or tragedies at church or in the family.  I can always use the gift certificates as prizes in one of these events.

Out for now.  I have to set up a 120 team charity basketball tournament which starts Thursday.  Need donations for that too.

Email me if you’re coming to Omaha early and want a dining recommendation from fine dining to dinners, drive-ins and dives.

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