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It ain’t easy being a hustler by gpiv
March 10, 2010, 2:01 pm
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100 days to go.  Tomorrow we start the 99 beers in the wall countdown, which is extremely apropo for Stadium View.

Scalpers refer to their trade as “the hustle”.  To be good at the hustle you have to have a constant feel for the market.  Tickets are like the stock market, there is a good time to get in and a good time to get out.  The unique ability to judge the market and make your moves at the right time is the difference between grinding out a living and making a “big move” for the day.

We at Stadium View do not scalp tickets despite the negative publicity that was in the local newspaper a couple of years ago.  While there may have been a value added tax applied to some tickets which have found themselves into the store, that value added tax can only be applied more than six blocks from the stadium.

That’s our local law.  You can only sell a ticket for over it’s face value more than six blocks from four designated venues in the city, one of them being Rosenblatt Stadium.  Oh, except for the NCAA, which runs a website which allows you to sell your tickets for above face value and they are then picked up at the stadium.  How does that work?

Yesterday we dealt with one of the charachters at the series, “the man in the red chair”.  Upcoming blogs will include some of the scalpers.  Over the years they have endeared themselves to me, but not necessarily to my family or the rest of the staff.  They can be mooches but most are just businessmen with limited capital resources.

My nine year old, Harpper Lee, has grown up with them.  She has been a fixture at the store and since she’s been about four she has referred to the three primary charachters as Scalper no. 1, Scalper No. 2 and Sacalper No. 3.  I think Scalper No. 3 has varied at times but one and two have been constant.  they greet her with the respect due the queen of the place, at least in her own mind.

I’ll start on the scalper profiles tomorrow, but another word about Harper Lee.  when she started hanging around a lot at about three, series wasn’t a word in her vocabulary.  So to her it was the College World Serious.  As a result that is often the term applied to it jokingly around our house.

Despite it being the College World Serious, I hope that many of you will stop and have some fun this year with us.  Meet the scalpers, the family , the friends, and maybe even “the man in the red chair”.

And meet the owner.  He’ll be the one with a tear in his eye and a beer in his hand for you if you’re of age, and perhaps a value added ticket six blocks away from the stadium.

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