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Hotdog Joe, Toothless Danny, the Russian and pus-guts by gpiv
March 15, 2010, 4:38 pm
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98, 97, and 96 bottles of beer in the fridge.

By now those that know me, know that my blogging from  ST. Bernadette Basketball tournament was not successful.  So little time and so many things to do.

First thing today is to unveil one of the new T- shirt sayings for this year.  One of thes days I will got through a bunch of the t-shirt slogans over the year.  Without going down to the store I can’t remember all of them.  But this years first design will be, “To hell with Rosenblatt, SAVE Stadium View”, and then of course “over 40,000 beers given away since 1992”.  I hope to have these available in about three weeks.

In going down my list of possible blogs (The list numbers about 35 right now and I will take suggestions, but remember they are suggestions only) I settled on Hotdog Joe and Toothless Danny.  I usually rent the space in front of the store to someone, in the spirit of capatilism, both mine and theirs.  For a couple of years it was Hotdog Joe.  Toothless Danny worked for him.

We called him Hotdog Joe to distinguish him from all the other Joes around the place, and not in the general term that joe may be used.  There is Joe the t-shirt guy, Mexican renter Joe, and Joe my handyman.  I used to tell the vice president of outside operations, Tom, aka “the parking nazi”, that I talked to Joe today and he’d always ask which joe.  It got so confusing that eveybody got a last name to go with Joe that described their their relationshipo to the place.

Hotdog Joe was from New York and had several hotdog carts in the area.  We hooked up because he offered me a suitable business arrangement and more importantly, a more reputable business didn’t make me an offer that year.  His heavy New York accent was kind of entertaining, and his band of gypsys was nothing short of comical.

First was the Russian.  Supposedly Hotdog Joe’s business partner, the Russian still calls me to rent the spot all the time.  Their business relationship went South, and  the Russian keeps calling me for space, as if he has no responsibility for the money that Joe owes me because, “Joe screwed him too.”

Then there was toothles Danny.  It takes courage to buy a hotdog from a guy with no teeth.  You think it might be due to something in the hotdog.  Danny had a love-hate relationship with the scalpers.  They hated him, he hated them and I loved to watch.  Danny came to my golf tournament one  year and gummed his way through the menu I prepared.

Then there was Sarah and the other questionable ladies that Joe decided could sell hotdogs.  Joe decided that sex would sell hotdogs and had these ladies dress somewhat scantily to do so.  However they all had what the scalpers described as a pus-gut.  It was a bad look.  That’s when my daughters demanded either those girls go or they would go.  It was an easy choice.

So Joe decide if he wouldn’t sell hotdogs with sex, he’d try the next best thing.  Alcohol.  Of course he didn’t have an alcohol license so he sold the beer froom the refrigerated hidden section of the hot dog cart.  I think he did pretty well with that but I don’t know for sure since he didn’t pay me for those last four days of the Series and I haven’t seen him since.

I hear he got indicted for some white powdery substance but that’s only rumor.  It might explain the attraction the women had for him though.

I’m pretty sure that as the Stadium View reunion progresses through this CWS, you won’t see Joe there.

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