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Making Omaha Safe To Walk The Streets: The Great Scalping Sting by gpiv
March 18, 2010, 1:24 pm
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Ninety Three bottles of beer in the fridge.  I thought I was going to begin on fans today but I decided that I instead would cover the black cloud over Stadium View, the “Big Bust”.

I am a firm believer in the maxim that crime does not pay.  But as previous blogs have pointed out, scalping is not a crime, it is simply an outgrowth of capitalism and is legal everywhere in Omaha, except within 6 blocks of four different venues: The Qwest, the Civic Auditorium, the Orpheum Theatre and of course our own Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.

Well one of the scalpers, who can be particularly helpful when I need things, asked me if he could post a sign with his phone number on the side of the building, indicating he would buy tickets.  I figured, what the heck, I’ts his phone number and not mine.  So, permission granted.

Well, the powers that be in Omaha (during the CWS that means the NCAA), felt somehow threatened by that situation.  And so did some of the rest of the scalpers.  Somehow it became alleged by some of the street rabble that there was major ticket scalping operation being run at The View.

I have too much to do to run a ticket scalping operation.  I have on occassion brought great joy to various fans by being able to deliver tickets at face value to them, but the law is the law, no matter how stupid it is.  When you hear those commercials about stupid laws various states and cities have, Omaha’s scalping law is a future episode of that.

So the Major Crimes unit in Omaha zeroed in on the little red, white and blue building accross the street.  “Lets set up a sting.”  Enter the fatman.  If you want to set up a sting, always pick a portly cop.  If you look like you couldn’t pass a physical, it’s less likely anybody would think you are one of Omaha’s finest.  He’s the buyer.

Now during the CWS, if you lcall Stadium View you’re lucky if the phone gets answered, and 99% of the time it’s not by me.  So one of the yahoos (scalpers Jay and Ron) answered the phone one day.  The man on the other end asked if he was the manager.  Being the smartass that he was, he said yes.  It was then inquired whether tickets were available through the store.  He apparently said they might be.  Now, I have steadfastly answered that question over the years with a no, and referred questioners to the various scalpers who might be in the area.  I’m all about the capitalism.

So based on this flimsy evidence, the police get a search warrant for the place, and simultaneoously set up a sting through the other scalper.  He was offered $50 a ticket for 60 tickets.  Unbeknownst by me, the fatman said the deal has to go down inside The View.  Now, that is an absolute violation of policy.  when the scalpers even start talking to prospective clients in the area of the store I have always said, “Take it down the road”.

I’m outside setting up the t-shirts and preparing for a day of selling shirts.   That involves a lot of running in and out of the store.  One of my long time employees/volunteers is inside and I see a bunch of single male gentlemen hanging around the store, on all of the corners, but don’t think much of it.  Then on one of my trips inside to get more t-shirts, the fatman is pulling out a badge.  I think, that sob Ron is getting arrested in the store.  Then all hell breaks loose.  The whole of the Major Crimes unit is in the store.

They order me to lock the store.  Jay, who saw what was going down goes out the backdoor and starts running across the alley. He tosses his cash under the wheel of a car and proceeds to scamper away.  It is after all, every man for himself.  Jay should have been in better shape.  Minutes later he and Tommy the Ticket Taker are ushered back through the door.

The 2 0r 3 thouosand cops that are in my store(actually I think it was eight or nine) are mentally high fiving each other.  They got the whole gang.  My longtime employee/volunteer, Tommy the Ticket Taker, Jay,  Ron and me.  Citizens are now safe to walk the streets around the CWS. 

They order me into the backroom.  Having only been arrested once before, I think, this is where the rubber hoses come out.  Fear enters my mind, just seconds before the anger.  Can I disarm him and start a hostage situation.  Perhaps shut down the entire CWS.  Yes, that’s the answer.



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Don’t forget that your son-in-law was the only one keeping a positive cash flow during this sting…. I was single handedly running the outdoor t-shirt operation and slowly bringing in cash 🙂

Comment by Double-U

I’m being beaten with a rubber hose and you want credit for keeping the outside operatiopn going. Now I know what the jews in concentration camps felt like.

Comment by mom

ha….I was just looking for a shout out like everyone else.

Comment by Double-U

Hence, next year’s Father’s Day present… presented during the Series a doormat that reads “come back with a warrant.” Very fitting.

Comment by Stacey

Still gracing the front porch at home

Comment by mom

I am looking forward to the blog that is “Sour Puss!”

Comment by Lynn

who is sour puss?

Comment by Double-U

Yeah, who is sour puss

Comment by mom

Sour Puss is the woman horse cop that Wacko used to harrass all the time!

Comment by TPiv


Comment by Double-U

can you tell me in this day and age.What person finds 1800.00 under the wheel of a car and turns it in to the police ? Obviously only one of our finest citizens in the country.The parking nazi.I never liked him.

Comment by stingray

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