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Good cops, Bad cops, Fatty Fatty Boombalatty and I can’t believe the bas—– took the College fund by gpiv
March 19, 2010, 1:30 pm
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Ninety two bottles of beer in the fridge.  Time to continue the story of the great scalping caper.

So I tossed the cop up against the wall, disarming him in one fell swooop and then pistol whipped him until I could tie him up.  The siege began.  NO, that’s not what happened.

Here’s what happened.  The guy in back was the good cop.  Fatty, fatty boombalatty periodically came back an was the bad cop.  Good cop said he needed to search me and take any money I had on me.  Problem was that since my day started at 6:00 a.m., I had all the proceeds of the day before on me.  Since I had represented scalpers in the past I knew that any money claimed would be likely returned, months later.  That was not going to be acceptable.  So, I did what I had to do, I tossed him against the wall…..No, that’s not what happened.

I cuffed the money in the palm of my hand and let him pat me down.  He didn’t notice it and believed that I didn’t have any money on me.  Yippee.  dodged the first bullet.

Being a lawyer, I shifted into my “You can’t make me talk routine.”  I denied any culpability, which was true, in the scalping of the $50.00 tickets except insofar as having sold Ron some of the tickets that he needed to finish the deal.  Then fatty, fatty boombalatty bad cop came back and said that if he didn’t get information from everyone, he was going to shut down the place for two or three days while they searched every box in the place for contraband.  Now we’re talking about a baseball card store with literally thousands of boxes.  This was going to be unacceptable.  I needed to sell t-shirts.

The first thing I did was get my longtime employee/volunteer out of trouble.  I told the cops that he had no involvement in anything that they  thought was going on.  This was mostly true, and besides, I think he soiled his pants in the raid.  When it came time to make arrests, they believed me.

Tommy the Ticket Taker got lhimself out of it.  When questioned, he appeared disoriented and started mumbling.  The cops finally got so frustrated that they quit questioning him.  Truth be told I don’t think Tommy had any tickets in the deal at all and deserved to walk, but it was a masterful bit of acting on Tommy’s part.

That left the core of the gang, Me, Ron and Jay.

We stood around in the front of the store while fatty faty boombalatty cop sat in back making calls to his superiors about what to do.  The search had garnered nothing and they had tied up nine cops time for going on three and a half hours, and all they had was ticket scalping charges, not the huge ticket operation they had been told.  What was he to do.

While we were standing there, with seven of the cops, we had a pretty good time.  People kept coming to the door and trying to get in which was often humorous.  One of the cops had gone to school with Marlin Briscoe, a local star, and asked me to find him some cards of Marlin. I did, he didn’t pay for them, and I am sure that he didn’t claim them as additional income on his tax return.  Jay and Ron, after their original shock of being caught, moved into their humorous mode, and humor abounded.

With all due respect, the cops treated us pretty good.  Usually when a scalper is busted at the CWS they are cuffed and have to take the “walk of shame”, to the mobile police location about four blocks away.  No cuffs for us.  No “walk of shame.”  They took our mugshots in the store and wrote us tickets in the store.  All in all not an overly painful experience.

They allowed us to reopen about three and a half hours after the bust.  They had taken all of the money from the store.  They cleaned out the register(tee shirt money), took my daughters College Fund which had about $400.00 in it  donated by customers, and took the other backup change money I had set aside.  They knew that this money had nothing to do with scalping but they knew it would inconvenience me.

We reopened and I flew into damage control.  My son in law and Tom, the Parking Nazi, had managed to keep the outside t shirt operations open during the raid.  We had at least made a little money.  I took the money I had cuffed out of my pocket, sent Erik to the bank and we were up and running.  Having to face a lot of questioning from customers and friends, I decided  to work outside operations for a while and face the music.

And believe me, I needed a beer.

So ended the police involvement in the great scalping affair.  What would be the aftermath, would the public avoid this den of inequity?  Was Stadium View marked for life?


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never surrender never retreat …

Comment by stingray

I dont think I have. If i didn’t surrender to cancer last year, I won’t.Piv

Comment by mom

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