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Can we close the stadium without them? I think not! by gpiv
March 24, 2010, 8:32 pm
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Eighty seven bottles of beer in the fridge.

Have I t old you about t he new Stadium View shirt.  the slogan is, “To hell with Rosenblatt, save Stadium View.”  Forty Thousand beers given away since 1992.  Those will be available in a couple of weeks.  Get them while they are still available.

Over the years I have developed relationships with various groups of fans.  In particular I love LSU baseball fans.  In college baseball they are a particularly avid group of fans, and they support their team like no other.

I believe they piss purple and gold, either an alternating stream or some kind of candy cane like purple and gold design.

My relationship developed in 1993, one of their national championship years.  Somehow a group of them found the place and the free beer and the word quickly spread, although I must say, not a mooch among them.  That college and their fans certainly understand the value of hops and barley.

They are as honest and true a group of people as you will meet.  Their is not a phony bone in their body.  They are self-confident without being arrogant.  Boisterous about their team without being obnoxious.  And their children are polite and well-behaved to a fault.

They have been here with their brethren from University of Louisiana Lafayette and Tulane and will cheer them on, when not faced with a conflict.  Especially the coon asses as they call the folks from U La La.  However, there is no doubt where there real allegiance lies.

It is with Skip and the boys  in the 90’s.  Just as Skip had no last name in their conversation neither did any of the players.  They were Ben and Warren and Albert and Todd, just as if we knew them as well as they did.  All I could do is nod my head and wait until they left and then look up who they were talking about.  They just knew that everyone knew their team just as well as they did.

They come with no clothes that are not purple and gold.  They buy very little clothing that is not purple and gold.  While they may take home a t-shirt for a friend that has all the teams on it, they reserve most of their own purchases for the real thing, the purple and gold.

They drink with abandon, cook with abandon and cheer their team on with abandon.  Their food is their own, although they have adopted my seafood sauce piquante, and eat it with abandon with comments like, “You cook like one of us” or “You could almost make it in Louisiana”.   Those compliments are not intended to be backhanded and are not taken as such.

I enjoy the accents.  They are not like the other southern accents.  Just  as their team, they are distinctively their own.  If one of them chose to wear anything but purple and gold, you could still tell them from the others from the SEC.

They come in droves, and the further they go in the tournament the more of them that come.  If they make the finals, it doesn’t matter who they play, even Texas, there will be more of them than the other team.

Omaha has adopted them.  It is not the money that they bring for many are as poor or middle class of folk as inhabit the neighborhood around Rosenblatt.  It is the fact that they fit in with the people of Omaha and especially South Omaha.  We are equally unpretentious and equally as friendly.  Kindred souls who just happen to live hundreds of miles apart but share a common love. College Baseball.

I have shared with them my beer, my seafood sauce piquante, my jackets when it became cold at times, and my building when the weather became bad.  But most of all I have shared with them a love of baseball, in its pure form, College baseball.

And now a love of purple and gold.

Tomorrow you will meet Bubby, Mr. Tim, Mr. Larry, Big Wayne, the kids, the lady in the hat,  my emergency electrician, and other characters I have met in purple and gold.  Until then I leave you with……….

Geaux Tigers.  See you in 2010.  It wouldn’t be right to close the stadium without you.

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I cannot wait for tomorrow’s blog! My first CWS memories are of those guys!

Comment by Lynn

Piv! I am LOVING your blog! Getting me pumped for CWS this year and introducing little Sean (aka mini-Kris) to the fun!

Comment by Kate B.

Oh, mine too Lynn!!! Those Tiger “snuck” us so much alcohol 10 years ago! We may have to break out that video from 10 years ago, Kris you have to bring that with you this year!!!

Comment by Toni

Thanks for the very kind words, We love Omaha as much as ya’ll love us. Even if we don’t make it, many of us are planning on going anyways, wouldn’t miss the final year for anything.

Tickets went on sale this morning at 10 am, and were completely sold out at 10:17.

**holds up 3 fingers for the CWS Finals games**

Comment by PodKatt

[…] from Rosenblatt has been running a blog as he gets ready for the last CWS in his neighborhood. He had this to say about LSU fans. […]

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Piv, I’ve been to the CWS 10 times with the Tigers from LSU. I’ve been in the Stadium View at least a half dozen times on each trip. I’ve preciated your hospitality and cold beer. Yes, your sauce picante is decent. People loke you make the CWS the best sporting event that I’ve ever attended including many bowl games, fifal fours, etc. The only thing close is a Yankee-Red sox series, but that is not baseball in it’s purest form. Also, your knowledge of sports is appreciated. I’ve enjoyed our many conversations over the years over a cold Busch beer. See ya in June. Geaux Tigers!!!

Comment by John

‘Tlhanks. Are you Sonic John Piv

Comment by gpiv

Been to the CWS 10 times and I have been there every time , had a beer with a paper towel wrapped around it,Had the gumbo,bought a shirt or a magazine,91 LSU media guide and told him that you could almost be from Louisiana.

Comment by Robert King

Ah yes….the classic paper towel coozie (or as you southerners refer to them….a huggie). I think it was mentioned in passing, but maybe we need to hear about the origins of the infamous paper towel coozie.

Comment by Double-U

I will be back this year with or without the Tigers.I will have my championship ring to proudly wear.

Comment by Robert King


Comment by TARA


Comment by TARA


Comment by TARA

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