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Let me know you’re coming, the lights will be on and beer in the fridge by gpiv
March 25, 2010, 9:25 pm
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Eighty six bottles of beer in the fridge.

LSU fans come in all shapes and sizes.  They wandered into the store looking for their stuff.  A few collect Saints memorabilia.  A few collect Maravich stuff.  But most just collect purple and Gold.

One of the first I met was the lady in  the hat.  It was this big gaudy straw type hat with more crap on top of it then one head could support.  And Beads.  She had beads, big beads.  And she gave them to anyone she liked.  She gave them to my daughters.  You befriend men with a can of beer, ladies with your daughters.  I’m lucky enough to have four beautiful ones as well as various nieces and friends of daughters who have worked their.  The ladies loved them.

The lady in the hat turned a hundred or more of her friends on to the place.  They kept coming, to find t-shirts, beers, tickets, directions and more beer.  She was the early ambassador for Stadium View and when they won their championships, she brought them over in droves to get their championship t-shirts.

Shortly thereafter I met Bubby, his wife and their friends.  Bubby dresses in this ungodly hot tiger outfit and paints his face like a tiger for every game.  He’s always sweating, but he’s always up before an LSU game.  See him after a game and if it is a loss it might be a different story.  He attracts a crowd of kids.  Everyone wants to get their picture taken with Bubby the Tiger man.

One of those early years I met Big Wayne, Mister Larry and Mr. Tim, and the boys.  They originally came for a parking place.  I’m the closest off premise parking to the stadium and people pay a premium price for it.

Big Wayne didn’t understand how we could charge for a parking place on the street outside the place.  Hey, you’re blocking my driveway, I’ll charge you for that privilege.  Big Wayne titled Tom, my director of Outside operations, the Parking Nazi.  It takes a while to warm up to Tom.  He’s all about the capitalism.

Big Wayne also did not warm up to busch light, the drink of choice at Stadium View.  Drink what I buy or bring your own.  Your choice.  Surprising how free beer can taste great.

Mr. Tim and Mr. Larry are much more amiable than Big Wayne.  Big Wayne was at least three bills, and boisterous.  Mr Tim and Mr. Larry were the quiet half of the group and their two weights probably barely matched Big Wayne.  They had the boys with them and they were about thirteen or fourteen when I first met them.  People from Louisiana have a tough time understanding archaic laws in Nebraska like fourteen year olds can’t drink and it’s illegal to have an open container.  So, they choose to ignore them.

And force their will on others.  They decided to introduce my girls to this practice as well as their friends, especially Lynn.  While I was slaving away, selling t-shirts and memorabilia, my employees seemed to disappear when the LSU contingent appeared.  The yearly chicken luncheon in the back parking lot usually ended up with a skeleton crew thereafter.  Just like John Cusack’s character in Say Anything, I became the keymaster.  Stacey, Toni and Lynn were not allowed to drive home.

The LSU contingent don’t come around as often as they used to.  They now tailgate in the parking lot, cooking all kinds of creatures in their pots together with all kinds of spices.  But they manage to stop by for a hello every year.

Mr. Tim runs a printing business and has a little problem with copyright laws.  Over the years we have received various shirts supporting LSU on which the appropriate tagging seems to be missing.  Oh, private enterprise, isn’t it wonderful.

Then there’s Wharton Muellar, the Yankee scout, who has recently fell upon a hard time health-wise.  Wharton always kept the phone number and called for t-shirts and memorabilia when he couldn’t make it personally.  He fell in love with my daughter Stacey, since she almost attended LSU on an academic scholarship, and continues to ask about her on every phone call.

One day a group of LSU fans were in the store when the lights went out.  I announced free t-shirts for an electrician.  One stepped forward,  fixed my lights and collected his shirts.  He came back for several years and got more free shirts.

There’s Wayne, the memorabilia dealer from Baton Rouge, always looking for a bargain.  There’s the quiet gentleman and his wife, who bring me LSU coke bottles, doll couches or other memorabilia on a yearly basis, in return for a couple of beers, some seafood sauce piquante, and an occassional shirt.

And yearly there is a whole new group, who’s friends have told them they have to come see the place and meet the guy……

Who gives away FREE BEER…..

And may know where to get a ticket now and again.

There is no love/hate relationship, only Love.

We better not have to close the stadium without them.

Only Wharton could call in his Goodbyes.

The rest of you I’ll see in person.

Geaux Tigers.

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I do believe there is video of one of these first years… I think that was Miss Toni’s Puke and Rally year 🙂

Comment by Lynn

I have the video…I just need to find it!

And Your Mamma Too!

Comment by KB

Help me with the your mama too story. Refresh my memeory. I know the generalities but help me with particulars.

Comment by gpiv

Piv – 2 kids from the neighborhood that can’t be older than 10 show up. One on a bike and one walking. They are standing outside flirting with Princess Piv. The kid on foot takes off with the other’s bike after a little spat between them where they are talking about each other’s mom. This is the moment the quote “Back to you and your mamma too” is born. As the kid chases after his stolen bike he yells out “I’m going to snake your room”

I have it all on video. Easily one of the funniest moments at The View over the past 19 or so years….# 2 is Toni passed out in the back of a White Sedan after eating Chicken and drinking Diet Pepsi.

Comment by KB

I hope its not in your ;bedroom at home Piv

Comment by gpiv

we HAVE to play the video this year!!!! That thing was hilarious!!!

Comment by toni

My room at home looks like your shop on a good day. I might never find it.

Comment by KB

Oh no, I can walk in the shop! Piv

Comment by gpiv

Always great times at the Stadium View! See you soon! As for the copy right laws in Louisiana they don’t count outside the state lines!
GEAUX TIGERS!! We did have some great tailgates outside and did corrupt the help! Especially Toni & Stacey!!

Comment by Tim Van Hoven

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