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If You buy SPF 7000, You must get a free blue and white cooler by gpiv
March 27, 2010, 12:46 pm
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Eighty four bottles of beer in the fridge.

Stopped by the store yesterday.  It is a mess.  Not as bad as some years, but still a mess.  Of course last year because of the cancer I couldn’t start cleaning until mid May.  I’m starting tomorrow.  Got to get a jump on the final year.

Talked to a friend that I made through the store yesterday.  It prompted todays topic.

Sometimes I go to sleep and I hear this mantra in my head.  “If you love baseball, you’ll love Baseball America.”

It’s repeated about ten thousand times in a two week period in front of the store during the CWS.  Most of them by my friend, Lee Folger from baseball America.  Lee has made it to the series every year for the last seven or eight years, and he’s never needed a new line to give his College World Series of Baseball America away.

Ten thousand people or more walk by the store on a daily basis during the CWS.  Many of them are religiously tied to the game of baseball, and years ago the Religous leader of America’s best baseball bible, Baseball America, found my store and proposed a business deal to give his religious pamphlet away.

And give it away they do.  Thousands of issues.  They stand in front of the store, six to eight at a time and led by their Pope, they recite that same mantra, “If you love baseball, you’ll love Baseball America”

Though it took awhile, even though for all my life I have loved baseball, I can now unequivocally say, “I love Baseball America.”  

I’m pretty sure that Lee is going to read this since I turned him onto the blog a day or two ago, at least I hope he does.  Or maybe not.  Because Lee, just like everyone else at The View is a charachter, and we have to write about his charachter whether it is all flattering or not.

Before Lee, I never knew SPF 7000 existed.  The only way Lee is going to get skin cancer from the sun, is if the sun suddenly comes within a mile or two from Rosenblatt Stadium.  The first time I saw him Lotion up for a trip outside to give out his magazine, I thought I was looking at a ghost.

Undaunted by his appearance Lee goes outside to address his minions.  These are the people that he hired for the weekend to work for him, to carry and give out his magazines.  The quality of his employees has varied over the years and I’m not quite sure how he gets them.  They sometimes resemble individuals who have recently given plasma for money, and do so on a regular basis.  Either that or the people who do those drug taking expirements.  The good news for some of them is that they get a Baseball America tshirt, a strong addition to their wardrobe,  in order to perform the duties.

One year Lynn worked for them.  Now Lynn is kind of Reese Witherspoonesque, and a Baseball America tshirt is not her choice of apparrel.  You should have seen her and heard her after she was done each day.  And she couldn’t drink during the time she was working.  That was tough.

While using the store as a base of operations, he sends some employees up and down the street to hand out the magazines.  While traversing the neighborhood I have never run into these other locations where the magazine is handed out.  Like when my brother delivered phone books for extra money,  I fear there is a dumpster somewhere in the area of Rosenblatt Stadium which is full of Baseball America magazines.

Lee is polite to a fault, and though he is welcome as family now, he still asks every time if he can sample some of the food I put out for everyone.  The Parking Nazi, always saves him a place and makes sure he is taken care of.  We take good care of people who are good to us.

Anally retentive is a word that comes to mind.  If you went to Less home and looked in his closet, my guess is there would be ten pairs of Khaki pants next to twelve pairs of Khaki shorts.  Every year Lee buys a cooler for the water for his minions and then leaves it as a present to The View.  I now have four of the exact same blue and white cooler in my garage.  They’re really nice.

When the series leaves Rosenblatt next year I’m going to miss that cooler!

And the man that brought them each and every year.

And the mantra, “If you love baseball you’ll love Baseball America.”

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Of course I’m commenting on this! That was a ROUGH year! I remember handing those out by Zestos in the pouring rain. Bribing people to take one to sit on b/c their seats would be wet, or to keep their hair dry! By the 3rd day everyone has gotten 3 copies of it already! I love baseball America! I love laughing at his new minions even more 🙂

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