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Egos: Mine and Theirs by gpiv
March 30, 2010, 11:52 am
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Eighty one bottles of beer in the fridge.

Rented the tent for another day yesterday.  That’s five days we have it rented.  It’s a good deal compared to others in the neighborhood.  And you get to be around quality people.  Also a shout out to Kris (name spelled correctly this time).  He came through with some great Taylor Made stuff for my golf tournaments.  Also some Adidas golf towels.  Anybody else got a line on prizes, let me know.

I’m all about the mooch if it help someone else out.

People ask me regularly what I am going to do after the series moves north.  I truly have not formulated a plan for The View.   There are some general thoughts about the Zoo wanting to buy the land on my side of 13th or some development across the street when the Zoo moves all the way out to the curb.  Perhaps those are dreams rather than thoughts.

People ask me what I think of the new stadium.  I can only make observations in a practical sense, since I nor most of the people had anything to say about the new stadium.  It was about three powerful egos coming together to form the perfect storm.

The three egos belonged to the NCAA, Mayor Mike Fahey, and The Zoo.  All powerful in their own right.  All looking out for their own interests while partially thinking of Omaha’s best interests.

Don’t get me wrong.  I never thought that anyone would care about Stadium View’s interests.   When the proposal the year before was put out that should the series stay at Rosenblatt, the city would take my property and the other properties on the west side of 13th street and make a park, and clean zone from it, I wasn’t real happy about it.  But faced with the thought of losing Rosenblatt and incurring huge debt as a city or losing my place, my choice was easy.

Take my place.

Eminent domain would have been no windfall.  But staying at a historic park which to many was the symbol of the CWS as opposed to turning the series into a corporate event was an easier choice.

The NCAA got it’s corporate park together with the ability to entertain their corporate partners.

Omaha will lose their long time seats and will pay exorbitant seat licenses if they want “good seats”.

Mayor Fahey got his legacy and a street named after him

Omaha got a huge debt and new parking and crime problems to deal with during the series.

The landlocked Zoo got it’s land connecting it to a major arterial, 13th Street.

Omaha lost a landmark.

Maybe two.

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