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There’s a ceiling to our College World Serious by gpiv
April 1, 2010, 12:56 pm
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Seventy nine bottles of beer in the fridge.   Oh my gosh, less than 80 days left.  I have to get to cleaning.

Over a thousand visits to the blog site.  I look at the stats every day and I wonder what you like to read about.  Let me know and I’ll go that direction.  There’s eight million stories in the naked city.

They’re doing EPA cleanup at the place right now.  No I’m not kidding.  They are digging down so many inches and replacing the top soil which is high in lead.  They will then give me new dirt and lo and behold, lay sod.  Stadium view with a lawn.  What the hell are people going to think.   Good thing the government has a lot of extra money to spend on this.

They might want to look at my roof.  I think there’s lead up there and I certainly need a new roof.

Improvements come slowly at the View.  It’s a pay as you go thing and I don’t have the money to pay as you go.  So whenever something frees up, voila,  an awning here and a slab of concrete there.  The improvements never go unnoticed.  Stacey, Toni, Abby, Harper, Amy and especially Kris always notice something new around the place.

The nineteen year old unimprovement that has never gotten done and may never is the ceiling inside.  When we bought the place nineteen years ago, we closed with less than ten days to the CWS.  We had to get open for that.  The main floor of what is now the store was actually four separate offices, which were carpeted.  We needed to make an area large enough for retail.

We have sixteen foot ceilings.  All the non load bearing walls needed to come out.  Now as my wife will attest to, home improvement/construction type things are not my strong suit.  Although I worked as a carpenter for three years, I was a framer, and not a good one at that.  But tearing down walls was easy.

Out they came, which left this goofy looking carpeting with wall lines in it.  With fear and trepidation as to what lie thereunder, out went the carpeting.  Wooden floors, great, except for the fact that they had approximately 1700 coats of wax on them.  A few days to the series, the floors needed to be stripped and the ceiling painted.

That was nineteen years ago.  All nighters were common in my life then.  What’s a couple more.  A friend of Neal’s had a floor stripper.  1700 coats of wax did not come out easily.  Plus we needed to re-seal the floors.  Before we re-sealed the floors I wanted to paint the ceiling.  Up on a ladder I went (heights are not my strongest suit) to accomplish this.

It was not the best all nighter of my life.  Beer and ladders do not always mix well.

But like Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, things started to take shape.  A beautiful white ceiling was going to brighten the place up.  Perhaps like Michelangelo, I could even add some art to the ceiling.

Wrong, time ran out and I only got it about two-thirds done.  The original one third tan ceiling was going to have to wait until after the series to get done.

Nineteen years later we’re still waiting.  I took so much crap about it that first year, it became a non-negotiable, non improvement.  People have offered over the years to finish the paint job.  But it wouldn’t be The View with a painted ceiling.

Like an unfinished symphony there is a certain mystery in when the ceiling might actually be finished.  Will I paint it for this, the final year at the Blatt?  I guess you’ll have to come and see.

Or will it have to wait til next year.

When the people stop coming I’ll have lots of time.

And no one will be there to comment.

And to listen to me tell the story over and over again, like an old man, about how the ceiling remains unpainted.

Yeah, next year I won’t want to tell the story anymore.

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