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The College World Series, Where purple and gold and burnt orange are primary colors by gpiv
April 2, 2010, 12:19 am
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Seventy eight bottles of beer in the fridge.  Drank a three pack there today while getting some things lined up.  Busch light, the tie that binds us at The View.

It’s time to rate the fans.  With the risk of offending some groups of fans, I will state unequivocally that there are exceptions to these rules.  But I need to group somehow.  There have been over 150 teams since I bought the place and I can’t go through team by team.  So  the arbitrary groupings are what   they are.   Arbitrary, capricious and generalized.  Remember I deal with the Law on a daily basis and those three terms describe the Law also.

Top of the list is of course, LSU.  There is a special place in my heart that also bleeds purple and gold.  Very seldom will you see a Tiger fan whose relationship to their team is not unconditional.  They believe in their team home run by home run, strikeout by strikeout and error by error.

A close second are those Texas fans.  They have a certain arrogance that goes along with their undying support for their team.  I have had a special place in my heart for them also, since about the second series I was here.  I feature Sports Illustrated magazines in my store and put out all of the covers I can find of the teams that are in the series.  About the second year I was open both Texas and Texas A&M were in the series.  I proudly displayed the numerous Texas covers and the one A&M cover front and center.  The A&M cover featured running back Bubba Bean running over Texas.

Not knowing how intense the rivalry was, I was surprised when the first Bubba Bean cover sold to a Texas fan.  So did the second.  On the third cover the man asked me how many of that cover I had.  Thinking that Bubba must now work for Texas in the athletic department I told him, maybe 15 to 20.  He said he’d take them all.  Good, a great bonanza since I was selling a $2.00 cover for about $8.00.  So when selling them, I naturally asked why.

“We need to buy them all and burn them before those damn A&M fans discover this place,” was his answer.

Anybody who loves their team that much deserves credit.  My second story was from the first year.  Texas and Tennessee were both in the series.  My novice T-shirt guy decided to kill two birds with one stone and print both of the teams in the same color orange.  If  I look hard enough I can probably find those Texas shirts printed in Tennessee orange because I don’t think that I sold a single one.

Next is probably any other team from the SEC.  Baseball means more to them than any other conference.  They follow their teams on weekend series and they follow them to Omaha.  Numbers will vary by school, but they are always fairly well represented.  They buy well and they are looking for something for everyone in their extended family, in their office, in their book club or in their AA group.   They are also highly motivated to wear only school colors and favor their own teams over general series t-shirts.

Now at the risk of pissing them off, Nebraska baseball fans are among the worst.  I have a sign in the window of my store which states, “Management reserves the right to bend your hat if you look like a dork.”  When the Huskers (And I must confess I am a HUGE Cornhusker sports fan) are in the series I should print a second sign, “Management reserves to rip your schools colors off your back if you are wearing a football jersey of your team.”

Husker fans ruined the ticket market for the series they were in, inflating the prices to where the casual fan from another state could not get a ticket.  They dress inappropriately and they have already bought their souvenirs at KMart or WalMart.  They walk around like they own the place and ownership of the streets during the CWS should be earned and not given.  They have not earned it and just because you have less of a distance to travel I am not going to cede ownership of the series to you because of gaudy numbers.

The real Husker baseball fans were there when the team wasn’t, hoping and praying that someday their team would make it.  They knew better, but they always hoped.  And when they were finally rewarded for their patience they were priced out of the market by the bandwagon Husker baseball fan.  We have recently seen that same phenomena with Husker Womens Basketball.

I am a Pirate baseball fan and a Raider football fan.  No one can accuse me of being on a bandwagon.

This blog is taking more space than I would have thought.  So tomorrow we will deal wilth various other fan groups like other Big Twelve teams,  California and west coast teams, Cal State Fullerton, and the occasional oddball teams.

Fan is short for fanatic not an acronym for Feel Appreciative Now.   The real baseball fans love The View because even if they are not collectors of any sort, they feel the reverence that is held for sport in the place

For after all, Rosenblatt stadium and to a lesser extent The View, are about the game.

We built it, they came, and they will leave.  But the game will remain.

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