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Chreaster and my first Tiger jumps on board by gpiv
April 4, 2010, 1:37 pm
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Seventy six bottles of beer in the fridge.

It’s Easter Sunday.  After last years cancer scare, every holiday is a lot more special.  This blog will probably be short.  Got to get to church.  I’m one of those Chreaster Catholics.  I kind of think that I’m doing everybody else a favor by not going every week.  My presence increases the chances that the roof is going to fall in, so I’m saving everybody’s life on a weekly basis with my non-attendance.  Here’s a shout  out to Father Dan, the chaplain of Stadium View.  It may be his last year for getting free t-shirts.

I picked up a new reader from Louisiana, Pod Katt.  He says he’s coming this year for the first time.  He wants to trade me a case of Abita and some boudin for finals tickets.  How do I put that into an e bay auction.  What are the people from Oregon State going to offer, a couple of beavers.  Well I think that I’ll leave that subject now and try to keep this blog family friendly.

Welcome Pod, and in true Stadium view fashion, “Would you like a beer.”

The Parking Nazi and I met yesterday and he’s still working on a downtown presence.  Well we will see what happens.  I think if it goes he will be my boss.  I don’t know how i can take a demotion to move downtown.

We talked about future blogs.  Give me some feedback.  I’m looking at all or any of the following subjects.  And your mama too.  My daughters.  The college fund.  Non daughters who have worked the place, including Aaron, Justin, Audrey, etc.  Kris. Moosey. The renters.  The neighbors.  West Coast fans.  The regrets I’ve had.  Joe Hauser.  Tee shirt companies.  Signs at cleavage point. Nineteen years of changes to Rosenblatt.  The single most used restroom in America. 

Please let me know what you think.

For now, I’m going to spend the rest of my day with my family.  The College World Series can wait.

At least til tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone.

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Happy Easter to you Piv and keep the blog going. I do enjoy.

Comment by Jerry Noble

Well if you wanted something for the store, they’ve been selling off bits of the old park.

Comment by PodKatt

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