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The real eaux in College World Series and what would General Pattons brother have done? by gpiv
April 5, 2010, 4:22 pm
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Seventy five bottles of beer in the fridge.

Before we get back t o the fans I need to do some promoting.  My older brother, a veteran sportswriter of nearly 40 years, many of them covering the College World Series, is writing a book on the Series which will be released prior to this series.  I would like everyone to buy one since my daughter Toni, who is his god-daughter, is getting married this year and he’ll need t he money to buy a nice present.

The bad news is that unlike the last book about the series, Ryan McGee’s “The Road to Omaha: Hits, Hopes and History at the College World Series,” which devoted seven pages to The View, he apparently believes or has been instructed to believe that The View is not part of the history of the CWS.  Whereas Ryan McGee so eloquently states in describing the move downtown and the series that, “The void that will be hardest to fill will be the one currently occupied by the 13th Street neighborhood.  And to so many, the beating heart of that neighborhood is Stadium View Sportscards,” Mr McGee is apparently wrong.  The View is not going to draw a mention in Steve’s book.  Do you think that if George Patton’s brother was writing a history of WWII he would feel that the need to avoid nepotism would preclude him from mentioning George’s part in the history of the war.

It’s O.K. though.  When I write my history of the Omaha World Herald, I won’t mention that my brother is one of the finest sportswriters that they have ever had, or for that matter, that they even had a sports department, or for that matter that they had any departments to the newspaper other than their right-wing editorial department.

Now back to some of the groups of fans that I have met.  While the Beach Boys, “wished they all could be California girls,”, we in Omaha don’t wish that all the teams in the series could be California, or west coast teams.  They would pack the stadium with tens of tens of people and the hotels would be underfilled to capacity. 

At least it wouldn’t be tough to get a ticket.

Suffice it to say I understand the argument that there is so much more to do in California and on the west coast, then say Athens, Georgia or Omaha, Nebraska.  I also understand that spending their vacation in Omaha may not be appealing to someone who can regularly spend two hours a day stuck in traffic on the freeway.  But  to those people I politely state, “Poppycock.”  Give it a try.  Sun, ocean and celebrity is not all there is to life.  Hey a jury in Omaha, NE would have convicted O.J. Simpson, Johnny Cochrane or no Johnny Cochrane.

To get a flavor of my feelings about the west coast I will tell you about my last trip to L.A.  My daughter, Harper,  to charge me for each cuss word out of my mouth.  Some believed she would be the only eleven year old able to retire.  Well when we took her to L.A. for the Nebraska-USC game, and we picked up the rental car,  I gazed around the parking lot encircled with razor strip barbed wire and promptly announced to her, “Harper, for this entire trip the word “sh–hole” is not a cuss word since it is simply a description of Los Angeles.

If I used arrogance to describe Texas fans, who I love, I don’t know what is left for USC fan.  Sure, you owned the town in the 70’s, but Rod Dedeaux is dead and the people with eaux at the end of their names have owned it lately.  You bring only enough people for a quorum at a board meeting and then believe the reverence we had for your program 30 years ago should be transferred to you now.  Again I call Poppycock.

Now I kind of lump all PAC 10 teams and all California teams into one group.  I do have exceptions to rules, and most people would tell you that my whole life is an exception to a rule.  Cal State Fullerton and Oregon State are my exceptions as well as Cal Irvine.

Fullerton travels small bout enthusiastic.  I enjoy the slight California standoffishness that comes with their group.  They rent a house about five doors down from me for the Series and several of them stop in daily.  They are not heavy but steady buyers and not heavy but steady drinkers.  Their orange and blue is as important to them as LSU’s purple and gold.  If there were just more of them.

Oregon State was a welcome addition several years ago.  Beyond the obvious beavers vs. cocks lines when they played South Carolina they were fun and entertaining fans.  They too followed their team hard and the orange and black was a welcome color change.  They traveled extraordinarily well for a PAC 10 school.

Cal Irvine surprised me.  I thought it was going to be another of those obscure California schools with little or no following.  I remember the year San Jose State made it.  We are required to but 24 of each teams t-shirts so I got my 24 San Jose State.  Since then I have used one of those t-shirts per year to wash my car and it will take about 10 more years before I am out.  They bought nothing.

Irvine surprised me.  They bought and partied and Frank Mickadiet of their newspaper wrote one of the kindest stories that have ever been written about me.  In fact my brother could use it in his book.  Oh I forgot, he can’t write about me.

Louisiana Lafayette, Tulane, Notre Dame are subjects for future blogs.

I started writing this blog this morning and I came back after court to finish.  In that time there have been 230 hits on the blog.  Seems Tiger fan wants to see what I said about.

The Mayor of 13th street, soon to be without a city and constituency, says thank you to all.

What I say may not mean anything to you, but most of it is my heart pouring out as we approach the end…………………..

……….Of the College World Series as I know it!

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As my dear brother mentioned, please buy our book. Not only will I need the money to buy my god-daughter a wedding present but I will need any extra change after my employer pink-slips me for his constant bashing of The World-Herald.

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