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My $49,500.00 LSU sweatshirt and Tigers in Minneapolis by gpiv
April 6, 2010, 1:08 pm
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Seventy four bottles of beer in the fridge.

Well Tiger fans sure came strong yesterday and the beginning of today.  Just like everything in your lives you do it to excess.  You’re talking to a guy who knows all about that.  Excessive compulsive describes me also.  Tiger fans have now set the bar on hits per day so high that I may never reach it.  574 hits and seven new subscribers.  For about the 10000th time in my life I need to say thanks to a LSU fan

This is a countdown to the College World Series blog and I do not intend to make it an all LSU, all the time blog.  But since I have the attention of Tiger fans for a day or so I am going to tell a couple of my LSU stories.

That is after I do a couple of shameless self promotions.  Besides my brothers book which we will sell in The View, despite the fact we are not worthy of inclusion and despite the fact that he may be without a job if I do not lay off the fine newspaper he works for, I need to promote my new shirt.  They are at the printer now.  The first of several for the series reads, “To Hell with Rosenblatt, Save Stadium View,” and on the back, “Over 40,000 beers given away since 1992.”  If enough Tiger fans want them, we could print them in ;purple and gold.

Next, I run three charity golf events a year, unless somebody I know needs a benefit, and then I’ll chip in with one or two more.  People in Omaha run the other way when they see me.  I’m all about the mooch, when it helps somebody else.   If anybody has something to contribute in the way of prizes  let me know and we’ll make arrangements.  Already I have to publicly thank Kris for all the stuff he sent me last week.

My daughters have all become Tiger fans as a result of the store.  It started with the beads cause they were  young when I bought the store and the beads were the flash.  Now, it’s their wardrobes.  They’re size small, small, medium and large if anyone is interested.

The second year I owned the store my wife and I went to Minneapolis in February to attend a card show and a racquetball tournament.  She was a national level tournament player at the time.  After a hard day of racquetball we decided to have a nice dinner at the Buca, then a locally owned restaurant which is now a national chain.  The Buca means “Joe’s basement” and it is downstairs in a downtown building.  It is small and packed and has a bar as small as a postage stamp.  The wait is forever so we decided to shoe horn ourselves into the bar for a drink or two or three.  I didn’t give away 40,000 beers without drinking a few myself.

Well it was a tough fit.  It seems that the bar was full of LSU baseball fans who were attending a tournament at the  Metrodome.  And several were people I had met at the store the year before.  And guess what, you won’t believe this, they were drinking and loud.

They say LSU and most of the SEC travel well for baseball series.  But Minneapolis is a little bit of a jaunt.

The other Tiger story that stands out is my $49,500 LSU sweatshirt.  My daughter Stacey, who has followed in my footsteps and become a lawyer despite my constant urgings not to, decided that she wanted to attend LSU.  She applied and not only was accepted but was offered a full ride with a value at the time of about $48000.  Well, she wanted to go see the campus, and Dad and stepmom decided to go with her.

Baton Rouge was the first destination and then eventually New Orleans.  The campus was beautiful, we ate at Mulattes, headed down the road to New Orleans and saw some plantations and then sampled the night life in New Orleans.  Of course, being a prospective Tiger parent, I picked up some Tiger gear at the bookstore for everyone, including a nice sweatshirt type pullover for myself.  A nice $1500 trip.

Everything went great and she was determined to attend LSU when she got home.  Enter the boyfriend.  She soon reneged.  She just couldn’t go and leave him.

They broke up about a month later.  He never offered me the $49,500.

She got a full ride to Nebraska, so I wasn’t really out the $49,500, it just seemed like it.

But I did get to see the Tiger, the stadium and Alex Box.

And I might have had a little  more purple and gold in my wardrobe.

But Tiger fans, I do bleed crimson and cream, except at the College World Series……

Where I piss purple and gold too.

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and eventually met a really great guy at Nebraska that made it all worth it…..

So do I owe you $48,000?

Comment by Double-U

That’s a future blog. Son in laws and future son in lawws get their own blog. I think I am partially responmsible for her Coach type and other bad habits. I probable owe you some money. Piv

Comment by gpiv

I was going to bring that up but I didn’t…….maybe I should use this forum to promote an upcoming fashion sale that Carl and I will be hosting.

Lightly (if ever) used premium clothing, shoes and bags.

Comment by Double-U

But remember, I don’t see Lee jeans on your ass either Piv

Comment by gpiv

that was her bad influence taking hold…. 😉

But I’m thankful for all of it…wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Comment by Double-U

Dad, if you still have the sweatshirt, you should frame it for me. And thanks for the added props, but I did not get a full ride to Nebraska, but I got Erik.

Comment by Stacey

This blog is like most movies. It is based on a true story, but not neccessarily everything is true. I’ve tried to create a legend around myself over the years, so while everything is not at all a lie, everything may not be an absolute truth. It is the truth as I remember it through my old and formerly cancer ridden mind. Dad

Comment by gpiv

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