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“Will give beer away for a college education” by gpiv
April 8, 2010, 12:50 pm
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Seventy two bottles of beer in the fridge.

Yesterday’s bathroom blog brought a lot of response.  Some people have said that I deal best with shit.  After all, being a lawyer for thirty years has prepared me for it.  Only plumbers and garbage collectors deal with more smelly things than I do.

Yesterday was Harper Lees birthday.  She turned ten.  Those of you who have been coming to the series for years may find it as hard to believe as I do.  We took her to her favorite Omaha restaurant, Vincenzos.  Calamari is her favorite.  she had it as an appetizer, then chicken parmesan for dinner.  She had her first cannoli and i can tell you it will not be her last.  If you want to come bearing gifts for the series for Harper, find a cannoli on the way to the park.  Friends for life!

I went to get her a temporary driving permit.  I’m tired of hauling her around. 

Since it was her birthday yesterday, I will devote this blog to an offshoot of her birth.  The college fund.  when my Grandpa died years ago, my Grandma gave us money for each of the kids to set aside for college.  It wasn’t all that much, but it was something and I invested it well and it grew.

Harper wasn’t born then.  Hence no college fund.

Well I have been giving away food and beer since the inception of Stadium View.  You can’t have somebody over your place without offering them a beer.  Hey my Dad worked for Falstaff and Old Style and other beer companies all his life.  I can remember having very little in the refrigerator but there was always beer in the spare fridge.  That wasn’t a bad thing.  It just was the way it was.  Always a cold one to offer a friend.

When Harper was born I came upon the idea of creating a competition for her college fund.  People have always wanted to pay me for the beer and food.  Not my style.  But this was a fun way to get a small percentage of what I put out back for her.

On the counter as you walk through the door is the college fund.  One for each of the teams in the tournament.  Each says, “Send Harper Lee to _________ and usually has a picture of her with the teams hat on.   It’s practically the first thing you see as you walk through the door.

Now this has drawn some fierce competition over the years.  I keep a  running total to fuel the competitive fire.  And I keep the beer flowing to add more fuel to that fire.  It seems that tips get bigger in a strip joint later in the night, and contributions to the college fund grow as evening approaches.

The largest single contribution I remember is a one hundred-dollar bill.  Most people throw a buck or two in.  Where can you get a beer and a bowl of seafood sauce piquante for a buck?  I am almost sure nowhere.

The scalpers are regular contributors, but more for the food I provide than for the alcohol.  They regularly tell me I should open a restaurant but I am not sure that their recommendation qualifies me for the Food Network.  After all they probably survive most of the time on hot dogs so a menu of seafood jambalaya, home-made enchiladas, barbecued feather bones, barbecued pulled pork , etc. might be a slight improvement. 

Sometimes the flush of the toilet will draw a contribution.  We are all grateful  for different things in life and the emptying of the bladder can be just as rewarding as the filling of the belly or pickling of the brain.

If  LSU is here, they usually win hands down for two reasons.  there are more of them around and especially around the store and they usually stay longer.  Although in a couple of the two and barbeque years they were outdistanced.

The College Fund has drawn more than a little jealousy over the years from Stacey, Toni and Abby.  Suggestions have been dropped for everything from wedding funds to “I need a new pair of $200 jeans funds”.   Harper Lee doesn’t have any grandparents, they’re all dead,  I have to create her college fund on my own.  So the jeans can wait.

But if have enough counter space maybe……..

HLP’s college fund could compete with…….

Pay off Stacey’s Law School Loan fund,and,

Toni’s getting married October 9th fund, and

Abby’s full ride scholarship ran out this year fund, and

How can we move Stadium View downtown, fund.

It’s a lot of counter space, but let me know what you think!  Send early contributions to me at 2312 Cornhusker Road, Bellevue, NE 68123.  You know I’ll have the beer for you in the fridge.  It’s the way my Dad taught me to greet a friend, and……..

I’m all about the mooch when it helps somebody else out.

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haha, I remember the “Lynn and ‘Ron’s’ Honeymoon Fund” haha

Comment by Lynn

It wasn’t very well contributed was it Piv

Comment by gpiv

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