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The odds are there will be crying in baseball by gpiv
April 10, 2010, 3:09 pm
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Seventy bottles of beer in the fridge.

Finally paid the light bill yesterday.  You’d be surprised how much easier it is to get work done with the lights on.  Although you can’t see as many faults in  the dark.  It’s not all easy at The View.

My brother called me yesterday for old CWS programs.  If anybody out there knows of somebody with a stash I would love to find them.  Old CWS material is hard to find.  The ones he needs is from the 50’s.  He just needs to borrow them.  You’ll get them back.

Believe it or not, I’ve bet on a few things in life.  At times that spills over into the College World Series and the activities at the view. 

Of course there’s the standard bets, like who’s going to win the series or a particular game.  My problem is that I let my t-shirt selling determine my rooting and betting interests.  LSU may be down to pitching their student manager in today’s game but I will find some way to justify betting them because, I’ll sell more shirts if they win.  Logic means nothing sometimes in gambling.  “I want them to win” should be reason enough, shouldn’t it.

It isn’t.

The degenerative part is when we get into betting on things that are totally unrelated to the College World Series.  One year I sold the space on the side of the building to a subsidiary of the old AT&T.  They wanted to sell refurbished pay phones in team colors.  Since they didn’t have a license to put team names and mascots on them they would tell people to put their own team stickers on the phones.

Now these were real pay phones and could be made totally functional.  They weighed a ton.  Kind of novel, but kind of pricy.  I believe the asking price was a little more than a hundred bucks.  Now we have seen a lot of different product ideas come and go at The View, and this one looked like a pig.  So how could we make this interesting.  Of course, we could have a pool on how many units they could sell.  $20 bucks a guy.

Nobody could have possibly bet low enough.  They were getting a lot of looks and absolutely no buyers.  Just when the guy with the lowest total looked like a mortal lock to win, fate took over.  No LSU and Texas did not win another game.  They lowered the price.  Voila, a new winner.

Then the first year we got an ATM, a new betting scheme.  How many hits on the ATM for the series.  I again let my rooting interest take over.  The more hits, the more money I make.  I took like 750.  My friend Jeff, out of touch with the way the world works today, took some ridiculously low number like fifty.  It ended up somewhere around five or six hundred that year.  Somebody else won the pool.

Bored during a game that was on TV, I found someone who would bet  the game on a pitch by pitch.  Strike or ball.  If it was your turn to pick, you could get odds for a base hit call.  I think it was four to one to predict a hit.  At a buck a pitch it could get pretty expensive.  I think we quit after a few innings.  It was getting expensive.

Here’s a few of the early lines on this year’s series.

Stacey will get mad at the scalpers.  bet a hundred to win a dollar.

Over/under on the times we won’t let Toni drive home.  Three.

Tom will get mad at the scalpers.  Bet two hundred to win a dollar.

Over/under cases of beer.  105 cases.

Over/Under on how many times Waco passes out.  Five.

Over/Under on how many enchiladas Moosey eats.  Six.

Over/Under of Abby appearances.  Five.

Over/Under on Harper trips to Zesto. Eight.

Odds that one of the main scalpers, Ron, Jay, Burden, Tommy the Ticket Taker, Big Papi or Miami get busted.  Three to one.

Over/Under on days the owner will cry.  How many days are there?  Somehow take the over of that.

Odds I’ll be downtown next year.  Well my son-in-law has titled me the Mayor of 13th Street and isn’t the stadium on 13th street.  Right now I’d bet against it, but things could change.

In any event we can’t take The View downtown.  That gaudy old building has to stay right where it is.  On the corner of 13th and B, accross the street from baseball history.

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Six!Six! That’s all you have me down for on the over/under. I eat six for breakfast. Is that in one sitting? Care to make it interesting? What’s the over/under on how many pieces of Orsi’s pizza I can eat? 8?

Comment by Moosey

could I get a parlay bet on stacey and tom both get mad at scalpers and the Burden goes down first for $20.00 please

Comment by stingray

Sir, the posting of all bets needs to be done in person. The use of the internet for gambling purposes is strilctly forbidden. Are you trying to get me arrested for the second time. Piv

Comment by gpiv

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