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Train wrecks and “I’m with the rich guy.” by gpiv
April 18, 2010, 7:57 pm
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Sixty one bottles of beer in the fridge.

It was a train wreck last night.  My wife’s niece got married and after it was over we went to DJ’s Dugout, the best sports bar in Omaha by far, to the piano bar.  They were having a fight song tip off when we got there.  Darwin, the owner, used me as his proxy to bid it up.  Texas was winning, followed by Oklahoma.  Darwin gave me $70 to throw on Nebraska and I threw another twenty in.  The $90 put Nebraska over the top and got a big thank you from the dueling piano players.

Tanya, the manager gave me another $200 to throw on the Cornhuskers.  I now have two piano players who think I’m the greatest guy in Omaha.  They played all the Ben Folds and Harry Chapin I wanted and Stacey’s “Party in the USA”.

Amy got in the act.  She wanted to hear Nickleback.  So she went up to the piano player, requested the song, and said “I’m with the rich guy.”

They played it next.

Erik went down to the store with me today and took pictures to post with the stories.  Another technology bonanza at the hands of my son-in-law.   I need to thank him for all the help he gives to this blog.  Without him this would have been another project that I would have said after the series was over, “I should have done a blog.”

T-shirt designs are out and I need to order for the year.  Since all of you are coming to buy a shirt this year I’m going to order more.  But save some money for the Stadium View shirt.

Kris corrected me on the call the shot story.  I had the wrong team winning.  It was actually Louisiana Lafayette winning over Clemson, and there is video evidence of my call.

Remember folks this blog is based on a true story, not necessarily true.  Enhancing a story to enhance its value as entertainment is not beyond me.  I’m all about enhancement.

And the mooch if it helps somebody else.

I believe the train wreck temporarily derailed the part of my brain that writes this story.  So until tomorrow remember.

Go Tigers.

Go Longhorns.

See ya in sixty-one more days.

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