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T-Shirts: they lay on your chest but speak from your heart by gpiv
April 21, 2010, 2:05 am
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One of the earlier t-shirt designs...

Fifty-eight bottles of beer in the fridge.

The readership has been going down steadily.  Either I have ceased to be funny, ceased to be interesting, or never was either.  Hey guys, there are only so many things in my life that are funny, the rest are ironic or maybe pathetic.  Well in any event at some time I’ll start talking about the really scary part of my life, practicing law, and then you’ll have some laughs again.

Went to the store tonight  and it was fairly quiet, but I got a lot of things done.  Started cleaning by inventorying all of the old Stadium view shirts.  I’m now sitting at the computer writing this with tears streaming down my face as every day that I get closer the reality of the end will get more real for me.  For most of you, it’s a occassional party, for me it’s nineteen years of my life.  About all you can relate it to is giving nineteen years of your life to anything, a marriage, a child , a job, and then facing the long slow end to it.

Along with the t-shirt I have already designed which also carries a picture of The View on the front of it I thought of a couple of others that I might  run past you.  Since the few that are still here are my hard core readership, I trust your opinion.

First I thought on a dark gray shirt or on a color a crinkled antiqued look on the front with a picture of the building and “Stadium View: Established 1992.”  On t he back, “Over 42,000 beers given away and at least one friend made.”

The second was some kind of rock concert tour type t-shirt with the saying, “Stadium View 2010:  The Tears and Beers Series.”

I’ll take any suggestions you have to improve these ideas.  If you don’t like them at all keep it to yourself.  I generally don’t work well with others and I take criticism as well as most drug lords.

But while I have the t-shirts on my mind I’ll talk about the evolution of the Stadium view t-shirts.  My old secretary had a hand in designing the first shirts.  There was a goofy cartoon character on the front of some of them and a stadium on others, just announcing the business and it’s address and phone number.  That was for the first, fairly beerless year.

Next came one of the best-selling shirts ever.  It read, “Stadium View, Where championship college baseball and beer do mix.”  We sold this one for about four or five years until everybody who was a regular bought one or had been given one.

The next established the countdown, or count up.  It read, “Stadium View, We put the fun in championship college baseball:  Over 11,500 beers given away since 1992.”  Also a great seller.

I think the next was the, “Life is simple:  Eat, sleep and drink beer at Stadium View.”  It announced the number of beers on the back.

I think we went with the , “7 days without championship baseball makes one weak.” , on the next shirt.  This is a popular one year after year among the out of town grade school and high school baseball teams that invade the area.

Nest was the “Top Ten Reasons to Spend Your Series at Stadium View.”, which highlights the faults of the place like lack of parking and room but also some of the strong points like seafood jambalaya, friendly employees (for the most part except for the Parking Nazi and occasionally Stacey) and beer.  How can Busch Light not feel some kind of obligation to me after 42,000 blue yummies have been given away.

Newt is “Stadium View, Outta Parking, Outta tickets, Outta your size: GOT BEER.”  I forgot to write down the beer numbers but it’s a lot.

After the sign of the same script came, ” Stadium View, where management reserves the right to bend your hat if you look like a dork.”  This brings to mind some other sign inspired possibilities like, “Stadium View, go ahead and pee on my floor this year, the place is going to burn down anyway.” , or “Stadium View, either pull up your damn pants or face the worst wedgie you’ll ever have.”, or “Stadium View, Scalp tickets in here and face arrest…We know all of the Undercover cops from personal experience.”

Then came the two in 2009.  the first was “Stadium View,  Two more years of championship college baseball, a lifetime of memories.  Over 38,000 beers given away.”  Then, “Stadium View, we’re not here for long time but we’re here for a good time.”

You know Stadium View is where championship college baseball and beer have mixed for nineteen years.

And I think we have put the fun in championship college baseball.

And life is simple, we eat, we sleep and we drink beer at Stadium View.

And we’re still outta your size and all those other things.

And we’ll still take that hat off your head if you look like a dork.

And we’re really not here for a long time but we’re here for a good time.

But, there’s only one more year of championship college baseball for us.

And as I sit at the computer bawling my eyes out,  It will be the Tears and Beers tour

But I for one will never forget that one friend I made, about 30,000 times…….

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As Stephanie Tanner would say “How Wude.” I am not unfriendly to customers, only to scalpers and Joe the hot dog guy…. and maybe Wack when he gets really out of hand and offensive.

Comment by Stacey

Oh stacey, you know I just put your name in there so Tom didn’t feel all alone I just asked Erik a couple of questions to ask you vut I think I answered one of them. The cute kid was Josh. But otherwise give me a list of all employees you remember, family and non family, since I am going to fund the pension plan after this year. Love you Dad

Comment by gpiv

You tell him Stacey, It’s not easy working in 105 degrees, fighting with the cops and the scalpers.

Comment by Tom

I like the Tears and Beers Series!!

Provided my Tigers can make it back, well be there. Thanks for your Blog.

Comment by Kevin

Here’s a rough t-shirt idea… Stadium View: We got the best baseball, and the best beer, free. Over 42,000 beers on the house since 1992.

Comment by Justin

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