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How much beer do we need this year: A look at the top thirty teams right now from a prejudiced perspective by gpiv
April 23, 2010, 12:55 pm
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Fifty six bottles of beer in the fridge.

I’m afraid to look at my ebay account.  I was inexplicably drawn into that vortex last night after I wrote the blog.  Maybe if I don’t look, I’ll get suspended again and then the addiction will be all over.  But then, I’ll just have to get a new name and a new computer and …………

Oh, the addiction.

I decided to look at who’s doing good in college baseball right now, and see who I would want to be here.

No. 1 is Arizona State.  Now during my time on 13th street Az. St. has been there quite a bit.  Maybe five or six times.  They don’t travel well, but do have a hard-core croup of fans.  They have a great history at the series and all in all it would be fitting if they were here for the close of Rosenblatt.

Texas is NO. 2.  You know my feelings about Texas.  Closing the Blatt without them is almost as unthinkable as without LSU, and probably more so for a lot of longtime followers who remember the Texas of the 60’s and 70’s.  Can we just give them a bye.

No. 3 is Georgia Tech.  Now over the last nineteen years Georgia Tech has been a frequent flyer.  They travel moderately well and their fans are courteous and not so southern.  They are an ACC and not an SEC team and you can tell it from the way they party.  I’d take them over a lot of other teams from a vendor and a sendoff standpoint.

Arkansas.  No. 4 has the Van Horn connection to Nebraska and if he makes it again it will make the Mike Anderson hire at Nebraska seem all the worse.  The perspective might get Anderson fired.  I loved the fans last year.  They came in droves and I would expect even more this year.  Anderson probably needs to go.  Bring on the Razorbacks.

South Carolina is No. 5.  Great fans for the most part and are pretty representative of the last 20 years of the series.  I’d say they have been here about six times.  The down side is if Buddy is still around.  I believe that the warrant might have been canceled by now.  Even with that downside, I’m all right with the Gamecocks.

No. 6 right now is the LSU Tigers.  A small group discovered the blog last night and I got three or four emails from new fans.  One was from the Lady in the Hat from a previous blog.  Got good feedback about coming to Omaha from them,  including that they love us in Omaha more than we love them.  From a rooting standpoint I’m all in at this point.  They get a bye from me also. 

Coastal Carolina is No. 7.  Now the recent history is that there is always an unexpected team that seems to make the series.  Cal Irvine, San Jose Lafayette, Tulane, Louisiana Lafayette, Creighton, Missouri State and to some extent Nebraska.  With the exception of San Jose State, all have been well represented when they came.  I would think that if a smaller school like Coastal Carolina made it and they combined it with the closing of the Blatt they would travel well.  I’ll reserve judgment.

UCLA is No. 8.   This is a tough one for me.  I’ve been a UCLA fan since I was young.  My brother liked USC so I liked UCLA.  and I was a huge UCLA basketball fan.  They don’t have a great history in the CWS either overall or in the last 19 years that the shop has been open.  When they were here they were a typical west coast team as far as bringing fans.

I’ll do a few more.   No. 9 is Miami.  Great history, both overall and in the last nineteen years.  There’s a lot of Omaha people who will wear Green and Orange.  They have a very small group of fans that come.  Historically yes.  Fan wise NO.

Virginia.  No. 10 has that Omaha/Creighton connection that goes along with Coach O’Connor.  They came last year, traveled pretty well and I’m sure they’d be better this year.  Love adding their color scheme to the series.

The second ten is as follows. Florida State, Florida, Louisville, Texas Christian, California, Cal St. Fullerton, Kansas State, Arizona, Connecticut, and Oklahoma.  They are followed by Rutgers, Stanford, Oregon, Pittsburg, Oregon State, Clemson, Mississippi, Vanderbilt, Auburn and Northwestern State. 

I’ll now give you my choices from three perspectives, Fans, CWS total history, and CWS since Stadium VIew History.

From a they’ll bring a great group of fans standpoint, I’d hope for LSU, Texas, Oregon State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Florida State, and Mississippi.

From the best total CWS history standpoint I think you would have to look at Texas, LSU, Arizona State, Miami, Cal St. Fullerton, Stanford, Oklahoma and Florida State.

From a historical point of view since Stadium view has been around I would say Texas, LSU, South Carolina, Florida State, Cal St. Fullerton, Louisville(for Kris), Clemson and Oregon State.

The sleeper team in the top thirty is probably TCU.  A team out of Texas with a long dry spell for CWS appearances would probably bring a lot of people.  Plus I love purple and about eight years ago I bought a couple thousand old pennants and there were about a hundred Horn Frog pennants in there.  There were also a hundred New Mexico State, but I’m not going to hold out hope for them.

About fifty more days and we’ll know whose coming and what wish list is fulfilled.

We’ll also know how much beer to put in.

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