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Ninety two percent discounts. I don’t want everyone to expect them! by gpiv
April 25, 2010, 2:21 pm
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Fifty four bottles of beer in the fridge.

Meeting the Parking Nazi at the store today, sometime around one.  More work to be done.  It’s going slow but it’s going.

Got some great framed photo’s of the place for sale this year.  Hope enough people want to put them on their walls.  Pricey but cool.

Also have put in the order for hats.  You’re not going to believe this but I didn’t order any of the flat billed ones.  They can take their flat billed asses next door and buy that hat.  While they’re at it they can pull up their pants.  Their underwear isn’t that attractive anyway.  No doubt their skanky looking girlfriend will have her thong underwear whale-tailing out the back.  I hate to stereotype but I’ll make an exception for the gangsta.

While we’re on the subject of fashion let’s talk about what you see down at the series.  Of course you have the fan look first.  The real hard-core fans from the schools are usually geared up from head to toe.  Some will have a CWS shirt on but most are waiting to wear that when they get home and want to impress their friends.  They’ll have a shirt on from the Super Regional or the conference tournament or just the normal school shirt.  most of the men will have on khaki shorts.  They go with everything you know.

The women fan from the team is another thing.  She’ll have on school color shirts and an expensive team shirt, something in the latest style, usually not gaudy, and sleeveless if the weather calls for it.  She’ll have all team accessories.  Team purse, team bracelets, team earrings, and maybe team shoes.  You know that despite spending good money on this stuff, it’s the cheapest thing in her closet.  She wouldn’t think about wearing it anywhere but to the game on game day, as opposed to the man she’s with who probably wears his t-shirt to cut the grass.

The male children almost always have a baseball jersey on.  Once in a while when it’s t he third or fourth day that you see them it will be a football jersey.  That was the most embarrassing thing about the Cornhuskers being in the series.  Adults and kids were all geared up in their damn football jerseys.  Act like you’ve been there before.  Kids you can kind of excuse.  the adults you can’t.

I digress.  One of the pleasures I have had over the years is to experience the politeness and respect from many children, but especially the southern kids.  Now I can be a bit of a instigator at times, and nothing is more fun than having a spirited conversation with an intelligent young lady or young man.  But even in the midst of those conversations with kids from the South when barbs are being thrown back and forth, the sentence almost always ends in SIR.  And it is not a sardonic Sir.  In the midst of verbal battle they are still as polite and respectful as when they first introduce themselves.

I digress further.  I love kids.  They of course used to be the big part of the hobby I am involved in and that is one of the laments that I have as the industry goes further and further away from the children.  I fell in love with baseball cards as a child and have been in love with them ever since.  I opened the store with the dream of having a hundred kids wanting to come and buy cards and collect memorabalia.  Sometimes now it seems like it’s just for storage.

I digress further.  One of my favorite kids stories since owning the store (I guess we’re pretty far away from CWS fashion right now)  was about fifteen years ago.  I was open on Sundays and got some regular kids from the neighborhood in the store.  It was shortly after the CWS and this kid was in looking around.  I asked him what he was interested in( a beer was out of the question, for him not for me) and he said he was looking for Sandy Koufax.  As I recall he was in the neighborhood of seven to ten years old.

I pulled out  a Sandy Koufax that I had.  It was a fairly good card and at the time ran about $125.00.  I inquired as to why the interest in such an old player and he proudly replied,  “It’s my dad’s favorite player and it’s his birthday and I wanted to get him something special.”  His next question was the relevant one, “How much is it?

Well I have been known to discount in the hobby over the years.  Willing buyers and willing sellers should always be able to come to a compromise which satisfies both.  But I was looking at a seven to ten year old from the neighborhood, which is not exactly the richest area in Omaha.  So I countered with the only appropriate question.  “How much do you have?”  When faced with what appears to be an insurmountable chasm blocking a deal you have to feel out the buyer.

The answer that came back sseemed insurmountable.  “Twelve dollars, but I didn’t want to spend quite all of it.  I was hoping to spend about ten dollars.”  At least his dad was worth nearly all of his life savings.

So like Evil Knievel attempting to jump the Snake River Canyon I decided to try to cross that insurmountable chasm.  I made it as I said, “That card just happens to be ten dollars.”

The kid hit the jackpot.  I don’t think he knew until he gave the card to his dad for his birthday what a bargain he had gotten.

Several years later, after being broken into, I was giving a police report.  the officer investigating the break in, after taking the report, happened to mention, “You’re the guy who gave Jack’s (a fellow officer) kid that Sandy Koufax for ten bucks.  That was really nice of you.  If you ever need anything just call.”

Where was he during the great scalper arrest.

That Sandy Koufax was probably part of Harper Lees college fund, so if you like the story throw an extra buck in this year.

I love kids.

The kind that don’t wear flat bills at least.


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