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New Grass, a New Restaurant Guide, a New Spigot, and a New Porch. Who wants to get married at Stadium View? by gpiv
April 27, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Fifty-two bottles of beer in the fridge.

Abby finished the Restaurant guide last night.  It looks great.  As with most of the things I do, it came out a lot longer and more elaborate than I originally thought.  Fifty-nine restaurants, all local favorites on the list and 14 pages.  Hope it helps steer people away from the chain restaurants and toward the locals.

So Joe, the Mexican, is building a new porch on the South side of the building.  It’s going slow right now because of the rain.  He’s adding a few square feet and it’s going to look really nice.  With the new sod on the south side and part of the north courtesy of the EPA the place is looking good.  Almost thinking that the eight feet on the South side, which goes back a good fifty feet would make a nice party area. 

We need to rent that side as well as the tent in back for a few days.  If anybody out there knows of a company that would like to throw a corporate outing at The View, give them my number 402-968-8624.

I’m going to put some outside water in so Stacey and Erik can just get water out of the spigot instead of running inside all the time for beer.  I’m always looking for ways to improve production from the free labor.  And the Parking Nazi.  He can just open one bottle of that free water we get and keep filling it up over and over again.  Plus he can wet down a towel and wrap it around his neck to deal with the sweltering heat while I sit in that air conditioning that takes it down from 98 to 96 inside.

I may be the only person who puts a Brita filter on their outside spigot.  After traveling through those 100-year-old pipes their tends to be a little bit of stuff in the water at the store.  It’s ok for watering grass or flushing sewage through the pipes but I don’t think I’ve taken a drink out of the faucet in 19 years.

Joe, the plumber may be helping with the outside water.  He and Chad, the new plumber in the parish can collaborate. 

I got an e-mail from the ATM guy yesterday.  I couldn’t believe it.  He just said he was going to show up and put the thing in and when he was going to put it in.  A little presumptuous I believe.  Now that’s not to say I’m not going to do it.  It’s just to say I think it’s still proper etiquette to ask.  I e-mailed him back with some smart aleck remark about his presumptousness.  He then called me right away, got my  mail and left me a groveling message.  I of course decided to make him sweat a day or two before I call him back.

Who wants in on the pool for the total number of hits on the ATM?  What we really need is a pool on how many people walk out without using it after they find out how much it costs.  Usually there’s about two to five a day.  Most of them come back when they find out it’s the same price or more everywhere they go.

Carry cash people, or pay the price.

I don’t own a lawnmower.  Who’s gonna cut my new grass?  If nobody volunteers for the three-minute job, maybe I can guilt the ATM guy into doing it.

Speaking of guilt, Joe the plumber is laying it on me by proxy.  I know he’s told me this but I forgot.  I wouldn’t miss one of his kids weddings for almost anything in the world.  But really Joe?  The first day of the College World Series?  That’s the last College World Series at Rosenblatt!  I suppose Audrey is going to wait to get married the next time Nebraska plays for the National Championship.

I know that the invitations are out, but I am a Reverend and we could have the wedding on the steps of Stadium View.  Anyone want to get married at The View this year?

Oh, that’s contingent on someone cutting the grass.

It would certainly be a wedding where the reception started long before the wedding.

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That spigot better pour Busch Light or we may have an issue with your daughter working out there….

Comment by Double-U

and have Abby send me the restaurant guide so I can get it up on the blog…. That way we can make sure those local restaurants know we’re recommending them!

Comment by Double-U

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