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Zoo View? Getting ready for a change. by gpiv
May 4, 2010, 12:15 pm
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Forty-five bottles of beer in the fridge.

Pod Katt contacted me regarding the blog yesterday.  He told me to hold strong.  The Tigers still have a good chance of hosting a regional and then they are only one series from making the CWS.  This is somewhat reassuring that somebody close t o the program believes they have what it takes.

We made the enchiladas for t he series last night.  Toni, Carl, Abby, Harper and me.  I now have five meals prepared for the series.  Be ready to wash it down with a beer. 

Virginia’s No. 1 this week.  Last year it was surprising how many Virginia fans made it out for the series, or how many people you never knew graduated from Virginia all of a sudden became proud of their alma mater.   In any event Brian O’Connor has done a hell of a job with that team.  He keeps being mentioned as a possible successor to Mike Anderson at Nebraska.  Somebody tell me what, except family ties, would lead him to leave the No. 1 team in the nation to come coach here.

Texas is still No.2.  According to Rob Childress at Texas A&M they should be a lock to be at the CWS.  He says the big 12 is currently Texas and the other 11 teams.  It looks like my attorney friends from Odessa Texas will be back.  Brian and his dad have come in every year for about the last six or seven.  Dad’s the ultimate shopper.  He gives me a credit card number and tells me to send him somewhere between twenty and forty shirts depending on the year.  Just vary the style and the sizes.  Whatever works for me.  Must be nice to be a rich attorney.

Coastal Carolina and TCU are still hanging around the top eight.  Those Horn Frog pennants may be close to coming off the top shelf.  If the Tigers from LSU.get hot again and TCU stays hot we could have a lot of purple around in June. 

Speaking of pennants, New Mexico State has found itself in the top 25.  Those ugly brown pennants I have would be front and center should some major upsets happen and the Aggies emerge from the west.  Make that those beautiful brown pennants that would look great on any discerning Aggie fans office wall.

There are several teams vying for the right to be the “surprise” team in Omaha.  Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, Texas State and the aforementioned New Mexico State are all in the top 30 and are not exactly household names in Omaha.  Anybody know what Texas State’s colors are or where they are from?

Oh all this fretting and planning is probably for naught.  I should just wake up the week of the series and find out what teams are coming and then  go from there.  The chances are that the NCAA is not going to call me and ask me what teams I want in  the field anyway.  I’ve always been a dreamer though.  Maybe I’ll wake up after the series and find out that the steel going up downtown is a mirage and that the CWS is really staying at Rosenblatt.   Dream big!

And the zoo is moving downtown.  Yeah, that’s it.  Rosenblatt is taking over the zoo and is going to make it a parking lot.   Solve all the parking problems and the extra traffic problems caused by the zoo and series being in the same locale.  Hey this is a good idea.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to put those animals on the land north of the new stadium.  It’s all so toxic that we wouldn’t want to subject animals to it.  No, let’s let people be around that toxic land.

Ok, ok, the series is moving.  I’ll get used to the idea.

Anybody know where I can but a bunch of those little stuffed animals.

Zoo View?

How fitting if San Diego makes the final CWS at Rosenblatt.  They tell me they have a really nice Zoo there.

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I must say that we did a fabulous job on those enchiladas last night!! Well, except for a certain person who may have been slacking a little in the area of wrapping with foil… just kidding Dad, you did an OK job 🙂 But when everyone is chowing down on those enchiladas in 45 days they should know that they were made with love!

Comment by Toni

and hopefully hands that were washed with soap….

Comment by Double-U

No we sandblasted the dirt off our hands Piv

Comment by gpiv

How many enchiladas did you guys make? And only five meals prepared for the series? I’m going to be there for eleven days you know.

Comment by Moosey

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