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Do we get our Perfect Storm! by gpiv
May 8, 2010, 1:11 pm
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Forty-one bottles of beer in the fridge.

We traveled to the great state of Missouri last night to see Stacey and Erik.  I’m writing this from remote.  A new experience, but I will do anything for my small band of followers.  Heck I even got arrested for you.  And then crucified in the press. And we will have our last supper this year.   The parallels are eerie.

It came to me last night that most of these people down here don’t have a rooting interest in the CWS.  Kansas and Missouri have slightly better chance of making the series han Nebraska or Creighton but slight is the operative word.  They have a slightly better chance of having a catastrophic earthquake down here too.

Missouri hasn’t made it since I’ve owned the store.  Kansas did once.  And boy was that a site to see.  If you thought Kansas fans were fish out of water when their football team finally had a season to talk about a couple of years ago you should have seen them when they had a good baseball team.

All of those pathetic Husker fans in their football gear.  Well the year that KU made the CWS you would have thought that Omaha was hosting a summer basketball league not a College World Series.  Probably only one out of every three Kansas shirts said anything but Kansas Basketball.  But the good thing was that they were in a buying mood.  Like many schools that are not normal CWS visitors they realized that it might be a while, if ever, before they were able to get a CWS shirt with Kansas on it.  If ever is probably the operative word.

Let’s take a stroll through the Big 12 and the Missouri Valley and what kind of fans they were when and if they came to the CWS in the last nineteen years.  First and foremost would be Texas.  Certainly the most frequent visitor and I’ve already made it clear in these pages that I think Longhorn fans are great baseball fans.  Usually appropriately dressed and they party hearty.

We became good enough friends with some Longhorn fans that they hosted a barbeque for us when we went to Texas for the Nebraska game.  And they went to the game with us and showed us where to tailgate.  Good thing too.  They beat us, after we lead the whole game and although they had been real friendly on the way in they were a tough crowd on the way out.  Luckily we had our Texas people with us or it could have been ugly.

Texas A@M has been a couple of times and are strong travelers.  I have already told the story of the rivalry between the Texas fans and the Aggies.  The only thing that has probably reached that level is the year that Alabama and Auburn made the series.  Nothing like a good solid hatred to fuel a rivalry.

Baylor fans were also cool.  It’s nice to add a little green to the CWS shirts now and then.  They were one of those teams that were aware that this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity but seemed to hold out the hope that it might become a semi-frequent trip.  Maybe it wasn’t a once in a lifetime, but I don’t think I am going to be doing my new Stadium View shirts in green and gold.

Okie State were also good fans.  At the time I bought the store they were about at the end of a good run of CWS appearances.  They were used to coming and confident but not cocky.

Oklahoma was hard for me to judge.  My carryover hatred from football does not allow me to fairly evaluate Sooner fan.  It was probably one of my worst suck-up to a group of fans years of my life.  I felt so cheap and so phony.  Sooner fan, I should apologize but I just can’t.

I believe that Texas Tech has made it but I don’t have a specific recollection of it.  So that means that their fans weren’t that memorable, at least to us at the View.  That completes a trip through the Big 12 South.

The Big 12 North is a much shorter trip.  Besides the aforementioned Jayhawks, and the Cornhuskers, no one else has made it.  K-State baseball is getting better but they are probably not coming this year.  Iowa State no longer has baseball and Colorado never has.  Of course, that’s what they say about most Colorado athletics.   If ganga smoking ever becomes a sport, then Colorado may enter the top ten in something.

As far as the Mo Valley goes, only two teams have made it since I have owned the place.  One is the Missouri State Bears.  Again close to my heart for several reasons.  First, one of their colors is green.  I like the addition of that color in the CWS rainbow.  It’s also one of my high school colors.  And my high school team name was the Bears.  Their fans were great too.  Happy to be their and buying like fools because they knew the chances of being there again were astronomical.  Like Creighton, they were the product of a perfect storm that brought them to Omaha and as we know, the perfect storm is just that.  It doesn’t happen very often.

As I stated before Creighton made it the year before I bought the store.  I am sure they were great fans.  They are probably the core of the supporters of the CWS from Omaha anyway and to have their own team in the show had to be phenomenal.

The other Mo Vallley entry was the Wichita State Shockers.  Now there are some fans.  They love their Shockers and they are baseball fans.  They came the first couple of years that I had the store and have been close nearly every year after.  But unfortunately they always seem to come up a couple of games short of Omaha.

But they come anyway.  Of all the teams that do not make the series, the Shockers bring the most year in and year out.  They apparently don’t want to lose their feel for the series or for Omaha, so they come into the store every year and lament the one pitch or the one came that kept them out this year.

If I had a wish list, behind Texas and LSU making it, Wichita State might be third.  That would be a long shot.

But in this final year at Rosenblatt, don’t we at The View deserve our Perfect Storm.

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