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Why didn’t I save that blog about Mothers a few days ago for Mothers Day? by gpiv
May 9, 2010, 12:55 pm
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Forty bottles of beer in the fridge.

Yesterday was my beautiful wife’s birthday and today the best mother in the world gets to celebrate mothers day (that’s her in case she doesn’t realize it).  What a double-header for the young lady.  She says she is having a big deal for her 50th but from the looks of things that’s at least ten years away.  Some people marry rich, some marry young.  She married old.

I’m trying to think of a Mothers Day related theme to work into this blog and it is just not coming to me.  The only thing that is popping up is that incident about a month ago when Dernard Span of the Twins was playing and at bat and hit a line drive into the stands at about the third base dugout.  He hit his mother with the line drive and she had to be taken to the hospital.  What’s the chances of that happening?  We’ll set it at a thousand to one for the series on the Stadium View advanced line.  Must hit his own mother.

Other than giving a shout out to the Mothers out there (that’s Mothers not Muthas) that’s about all of the Mothers Day theme you are going to get.

I’m a procrastinator.  For my family that is not much of a revelation.  For my close friends that is not much of a revelation.  But just look how long it took me to self report in this blog.  I procrastinated it.  Now that it is forty days to pitch off and things are starting to get scary.   I need to get some stuff done!

Hey it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.  I’m in Kansas City today!

I think I’ll get the south side of the building rented right away this week.  Vying for the honor are two food vendors.  McKennas, a well-known barbeque around town and Jack’s Tamales.  Now Jack thinks he is going to cut a fat hog down at the C WS.  McKennas has already cut a fat hog, that’s what they are barbecuing.  Now I don’t know how much money goes into a tamale but I do know that you would have to sell a lot of them to cover $300-$500 a day overhead.  the Parking Nazi agrees.  We’re going to Jerry McGuire this one.

Show Me The Money!

Remember the previous story about Hotdog Joe.  Well folks, believe it or not I am a trusting soul, and more than one vendor on the south side of the building has left owing me money.

I know you’re saying to yourself, “Say it ain’t so Piv, say it ain’t so?”  But yes folks its true.  Along with being a procrastinator, I am this person who has a deep abiding faith in the goodness of humanity.  How many times do you think that has jumped up to bite me in the ass?

Let’s see in my business life I deal with liars and criminals.  Boy that fits in well with a trusting personality.  And then in my hobby life I deal with scalpers ( who might fit into both the liar and criminal categories) and people who want to be my friend for ten days a year cause I have something they want ( the readers of this blog are excluded from that category as most of you give as well as receive).  Do you get the idea that I may be set up to be taken advantage of in most areas of my life?

Now taking the premise that someone stumbles across this blog and has completely no knowledge of The View or me (hard to believe I know but play along with me, please).  You read the past sixty or so blogs and what picture of me do you get.  A procrastinating, drunken, spineless sucker, who gets taken advantage of by every hotdog vendor, scalper and beer swilling customer that walks through the door.

Now that’s not far off those that know me are now saying, but….

I’m not that bad of a guy, really.

In closing I’ll give a couple of shout outs to a couple of people who have given me a hand in the last week or so.  First to Stingray and the Burden who cut the grass and sprayed the weeds this week.  The place looks amazing.  Then to the Nazi who is working on McKennas for me.  The employee who shall remain nameless to shelter he and I from the wrath of his mother, especially on mother’s day, got me some autographs this week.  And Erik, my son-in-law, who let me use is computer to write the last two blogs and who probably cringes each time he has walked by fearing that I have damaged his computer forever.  Thanks guys.

Oh and to Abby, Toni, Carl and Harper for helping with the enchiladas.  And Kate, Kris’ wife, who volunteered to cook on Friday with some Cincinnati style chili.  If you haven’t had this yet, it’s an adventure.  And to Big Ink for getting my t-shirt design done.  And to Joe the Mexican for almost getting the deck done.  Thanks guys.

Keep up the good work and save  my procrastinating ass before the vultures get to me in another forty days!

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