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Food: Hotdogs are not the only thing that goes with Baseball at Stadium View! by gpiv
May 10, 2010, 10:54 am
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Thirty nine bottles of beer in the fridge.

I am starting to panic now.  In my constant array of biblical references, Jesus spent the forty days in the desert, and I believe I may spend the next forty days constantly at The View, preparing for the for all the customers, friends, acquaintances and mooches who are going to befall me at that time.

And then again I might not.

Odds are against it and we are all about the odds at The View.Then I discovered the modern marvel of pre-making food and freezing it.  Did you guys know that if you cook food in advance and freeze food you can thaw it out later and heat it up and most things taste just as good as freshly cooked food.  How they do that!

Saturday or Sunday will be seafood jambalaya day depending on when LSU  plays.  Notice my confidence Tiger fan.  I note that a 16-15 win Friday night stopped the losing streak at seven and since it was in extra innings maybe it will be the spark they need..  If by some terrible twist of fate the Tigers aren’t here Saturday will be Jambalaya day.

Sunday will bring featherbones.  Already in the freezer.  This will just take a thawing and adding the banana peppers, celery and onions to the pot.  And of course the beer.  Oops, I gave out the secret ingredient.   Yes folks I waste a little bit of that precious elixir on the ribs.  Put them on by 7:30 in the morning and simmer for about four hours.  Add some optional bbq sauce and some potato salad side and we’re good to go.

Monday will probably be enchiladas.  We made those last week.  We made 100 and I had about two dozen already made for the series.  Sauce is made.  Add picante and chips and a side salad and cinco plus a few days de Junio is good to go at The View.

I have pre-cooked Italian sausage and peppers and brats and Kraut for Tuesday.  Again these are partially cooked on the grill to be heated for a little while the day they are to be served.  Of course I need to add a little beer.  Yes folks, the secret cooking ingredient again.  Italian buns and a side of baked beans and salad will round this out.

Pulled pork for the customers on Wednesday.  This is a new attempt on my part and I’m hoping this is going to work out.  My brother-in-law is helping by smoking the pulled pork.  We’re going to pull it next weekend and get it ready.  Again this is a good pre cook item.  Italian buns, and probably baked beans that day will round that out.  got to have pickles with pulled pork.

Staff will have Orsi’s on Wednesday.  It’s impossible, financially to buy enough pizza to feed everyone so this is a treat for the staff provided by Moosey and Kris.  they’ll be a salad around that day too.

Thursday will be Richie’s Chicken provided by the scalpers if we’re not fighting on that day.  A few sides creates an excellent meal and the out-of-town scalpers love this as they do most of my cooking.  Contributions to the college fund sure beats trying to buy meals like these elsewhere on the street or near their hotel.

Richie’s usually comes at supper time so we will probably sneak in some Sgt. Peffers for lunch on Thursday and one other day for supper, if Tim is willing.  Justin, I know you read the blog so check and see if your Dad is willing.

Friday is covered by the Cincinnati chili day.  This will probably be staff only again so I will probably be cleaning out the fridge for some of the others.  Might be a good day for me to make that fantastic salad that Big Papi is always asking for.  A fantastic salad with some meat toppings would fit in well after the total meat fest we have had so far this week.

Saturday could be a problem since it’s just a maybe day.  Usually I throw in a cold cuts day and this may be the one.  Turkey, beef, ham, cheeses and all the fixing plus a couple of sides will get us through the day.

Championship week is still up in the air.  Since I am doing 60 pounds of pulled pork, one day will be another pulled pork day.  I know this is going to turn out great and would have become a Stadium View regular except Stadium View is not going to be regular anymore.

Maybe I’ll hit my sister up for help with championship week.  Sauer Kraut and dumplings would go good but what would we do for meat.  I’ll have to think this through a little better.

Moosey gained three pounds just reading this blog.  The good thing is that Moosey makes leftovers a veritable impossibility most of the time.  If by chance there is anything left over he usually eats it in the morning.

I have provided this food as a service for years.  Bon Appetit, and remember…………

Harper still needs to go to college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Damn Piv! With a menu line-up like this, I may never leave. How and where am I supposed to squeeze in a Super Kong Burger and a Zesto’s triple burger, fries and shake? You see my dilemma? My conundrum? I guess I’m just going to have to grow another stomach. A Moosey’s gotta do what a Moosey’s gotta do.

Comment by Moosey

I do everytlhing in style. Even go out in style. Piv

Comment by gpiv

Piv, not to worry. There will be enough Cincinnati chili to go around for the customers, too! We’ll even spice it up for you, but then I cannot, in good faith, call it Cincinnati chili.

Comment by Kate B.

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