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13th Street Food Choices: A culinary assault! by gpiv
May 11, 2010, 12:08 pm
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Thirty-eight bottles of beer in the fridge.

Moosey chimed in yesterday commenting on the food blog(about five minutes after it was issued.  Now that was surprising.  He said with the menu as set out he was going to have a hard time fitting in the Super Kong Burger and the Zesto Triple Burger. 

Apparently Moosey has lived in a bubble most of his life.  somebody quick tell him that life is full of choices and sometimes you need to weigh all of your options and make a choice.  Six enchiladas or a King Kong Burger?

Now, as opposed to the quality fare there will be a variety of food available up and down 13th street during the CWS.  It will lack the love that I put in my food (and perhaps the spiciness) and it will come at an enhanced price (After free or per haps the donation that some give, any price is enhanced), but it is what comes with the total CWS experience.

First and foremost we must start with the long standing Zestos.  As old as the stadium, or at least as old as my memories of the Stadium, Zestos is made famous by ESPN.  It still has the basic shape and size that it had when I was a kid.  Few know that there is another Zesto’s in Omaha on north 30th street.  It was and is a chain, but only one is world famous.

It has a limited menu for the series, and believe it or not for the limiting of the menu you get to pay higher prices.  But what the hell, most of you are on vacation.  From my memory as a child, and my sampling at least once a year(last year during radiation treatment, almost every day on the way back from court) it is the best ice cream in the world, well worth even the enhanced price.  The burgers and fries are good and exactly what you expect from an ice cream joint. 

The current down side to Zestos is the beer garden, especially later in the afternoon an in the evening.  A beer garden is a money choice and that is what happened here.  Juxtaposing beer and ice cream is a hard sell to me, but I am sure the sales from booze far outdistances the ice cream and burgers.

Zestos guards the South end of the Stadium together with Starskys.  Starskys is a bar so you know exactly what you are getting into.  It has food during the year but I am not sure if they feed you during the series.  It’s always too crowded to get  into so I have never ventured to try the fare.

Guarding the North entrance is the aforementioned King Kongs and their Super Kong Burger, a veritable culinary assault.  King Kong took a chance about five or six years ago and took over a gas station.  they had a couple of other Omaha locations prior to this venture.  The fast Greek food is very good.  Gyros and salads.  Other than my place it is the only other place to get a salad near the Stadium during the series.

They limit their menu during the series also.  The burgers are very good and you can actually buy the kids burger and feed an adult, well most adults but not Moosey.  I don’t think that I have ever gotten off of the interstate anywhere else and ate at a fast food looking place that was as good as King Kongs.

In the middle is Famous Daves.  They are in the old Korean Church.  Good barbeque and a nice set up, both inside and out.  You can get yourself a beer there too.

In between King Kongs and Zestos will be various food vendors.  I am considering an option from McKennas.  Better Barbecue and more authentic than Famous Daves.  They will make pulled pork and various other barbecue items and their sauces kick ass. 

There will be the Russian with a couple of his hotdog stands.  Steamed dogs with all of the fixings.  If you want a steamed vendor hotdog, it should be easy to find.

There may or not be a Pizza truck.  Frescheta often sets up.  They used to set up right next door and at a buck a slice you can get  pretty full of carbs for a very small price.  Get a slice and then go find a beer.

Last year there was a food court with various foods available.  There was your popcorn and sno-cones, Italian beef sandwiches (now those were good), Catfish on a stick and of course nachos.  Food is a tough business at the CWS and you never know who will be back the next year to give it a go.  However you can bet that there will be several places to eat.

For those that want to walk a little further, about a mile a way to the north is Big Horn Barbecue.  Again they have good barbecue at reasonable prices and you can sit down and eat.  Before you get to that there is a little mexican joint in an old ice cream store.  I usually eat there one or two times a year in pre series preparation.  They have great hot sauces and some unusual menu items.  Authentic food, try it.

Across the street is my favorite little bar in the area.  Aptly it is named The Stadium Bar.  The owner is friendly and the prices, while not quite as good as the free at Stadium View, are the best in the area.  Again, if you got some time to kill, try it.

Than there’s always the food at Rosenblatt.  I will recommend the nachos over there.  Otherwise I will tell you that the food on the street is much better, and much cheaper so eat before you go in, and then just but yourself a coke and watch the game.

And then when you’re tired of watching baseball, come on across the street for a beer.

I just might have one ready for you.

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