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I’m not just a drunken procrastinator: These are a few of my favorite things. by gpiv
May 12, 2010, 2:53 am
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Thirty-seven bottles of beer in the fridge.

Actually I stopped there today and there was only one.  Joe the Mexican has been drinking my beer.  now there is none.

I have prostrated myself throughout t his blog and you know all of my faults. I am a procrastinator, a horder, I drink too much and the list goes on and on.

Just so you don’t think I am totally lost I decided t o give you a list of my favorite things (also some good ideas for bearing gifts).  None of these favorite things can be family members and none can be sexual.  I place them in no particular order although the first and last are probably significant.

1.   Baseball.

2.  The smell of baby powder.

3.  Bruce Springsteen, especially the early years.

4.  UCLA basketball.

5.  The smell of Thanksgiving morning.

6.  Cornfields viewed from a car.

7.  Any Kurt Vonnegut book.  If you can’t read Vonnegut, your sense of humor is in doubt.

8.  4 year old boys with their hair spiked.

9.  The smile of a bride.

10.  4 year old girls.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  four to five year old kids are the cutest.

11.  Breckenridge Colorado.

12. Drawing good in a poker game (drawing lucky).

13.  Betting on football.

14.  Sauer Kraut and dumplings.

15.  History.

16.  Christmas Eve.  The whole day.

17.  A _______ walks into the bar joke.

18.  Card games of any kind, hearts, spades, gin……

19.  The feeling I get when I stand at shortstop in a ball game.

20.  Seattle.

21.  Bohemian Cafe fried chicken.

22.  The smell  from a distance of a good cigar.

23.  Cheap vodka.

24.  Good vodka.

25.  50% off of anything.

26.  Tommy Bahama clothes.

27.  Baseball and football cards.

28.  Taking risks.

29.  Flowers, any kind, any color.

30.  Random acts of kindness.

31.  Hawaiian shirts, any kind, any color.

32. Olives.

33.  Thoroughbred horse racing.  If there is a more beautiful animal I have yet to see it.

34.  Pirates- generically.

35.  The Pittsburg Pirates.

36.  The Oakland Raiders.

37.  Muscular legs- male or female.

38.  Chocolate anything.

39.  go toi hell sunglasses.

40.  Any day with my family.

41.  Smartass people.  Often the more acerbic the better.

42.  The absence of rules.

43.  Shortstop fried chicken and hence the closest I can find now, Richies fried chicken.

44.  Rosenblatt Stadium.

45.  Beer, but not the heavy stuff.

46.  Chicago, the big town that doesn’t scare me.

47.  Cooking for a crowd.

48.  Cooking for two or three.

49.  The sound of a good drive (realizing that is a rare sound for me).

50.  Architecture.

51.  Cuff Links’

52.  The Beach Boys.

53.  Capers.

54.  Colorado and all the mountainous areas.

55.  Nebraska football.

56.  The plunk when the golf ball hits the bottom of the hole.

57.  A gentle spring rain.

58.  Christmas shopping.

59.  Chili.

60.  Art and Art museums.

61.  New Years day bowl games.

62.  Any kind of gambling pool.

63.  Philanthropy.

64.  Sports Illustrated.

65.  Shorts.  How else can you see the muscular legs.

66.  Patriotism.

67.  The color gray.

68.  Hording.

69.  The Italian singers.  Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett.

70.  A brisk fall morning.

71.  Anything I can control.

72.  The look on someone’s face when they are surprised by a present.

73.  Burn Notice.

74.  Quentin Tarantino.

75.  The National Anthem.

76.  Salad especially with a vinegar based dressing.

77.  Albert Einstein, Stephan Hawking, and any concept I can’t understand.

78.   Neighborhoods.

79.  The phrase, “Good Point Counselor.”

80.  Birds chirping in the morning.

81.  Religion as it manifests itself in community.

82.  Dancing.

83.  The monuments of Washington, D.C.

84.  Tuxedos.

85.  The smell of a baseball glove.

86.  Forests.

87.  Red wines.

88.  Beautiful landscaping.

89.  Frank Lloyd Wright.

90.  Mount Rushmore.

91.  L-O-L-A, Lola.

92. Boots.

93.  Grilling.

94.  Toxic smells.

95.  Money.

96.  Witty repartee.

97.  Newspapers.

98.  Onion dip.

99.  Good friends.

100.  Stadium View.

My list could go on and on.  There really is a lot to love in the world.  I suggest making a list of your own and if you can’t come up with a hundred items real fast………………

I suggest therapy.

Come join me for several items at No. 1oo in 37 more days.

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Excellent list!

some of those wouldn’t make my top 100 list if I had to write it prior to reading this….but now that you mention some of them they all sound like things I like….

Comment by Double-U

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