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I hate the College World Series: I mean there are things I hate about the College World Series! by gpiv
May 13, 2010, 12:05 pm
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Thirty-six bottles of beer in the fridge.

What the hell was up with yesterday?  102 hits on the blog.  I know nobody really gives a crap about a hundred things that I love.  Believe it or not I could have easily gone to four or five hundred.  If I need therapy it isn’t that I have negative attitude toward the world.

If I would have been a twin I would have been named either Jesus or Christ.  Then whenever my Dad would have sent me to get a screwdriver and I came back with a Phillips head and he wanted a straight head it would have been appropriate to yell as he always did, “Jesus Christ, you got the wrong f… screwdriver.”

Believe me there is no anxiety over that.  That’s the way it was and I don’t need therapy.

I think I’ll follow-up t he 100 things I love blog with the things I hate….. about the College World Series blog.   There aren’t that many so I’ll have to elaborate on most of these.

!.  It’s moving,  duh,  do you think anything else could be NO. 1.

2.  Money.  I love baseball.  I love everything about the experience.  I hate that part of the CWS is about chasing the dollar.  People might say,” Look at you Piv, you hypocrite, you make money off the CWS.”  Yeah, but this place has never, and I repeat never been about making money.  For the year I have never yet not lost money.  I pray to make enough money from the  series to pay the taxes and keep the heat on until you get into the part of the year that MUD can no longer shut your heat off.  For those of you who have never been a skid, like I have, you need to make it long enough so that in the 14 day forecast there are no possible days where he low temperature is below 32 degrees.  Do you think that I would know that if I was cutting a fat hog at the series.  Right now I’m just hoping to get the gas turned on by the series so that I can cook in back.  And other than floating a check three or four days before the series it ain’t looking good.

Do you think there is anybody running a booth on 13th street who has the same worries?

Ask the Parking Nazi about the cancer year last year when things were really bad and when we were cleaning up the five weekends before the series and the water was turned off, and of course we couldn’t clean up  without beer, and we both had to go in back and pee in a cup to keep working.

I hate that the series is about money.

3.  The format is about the NCAA and making money and not about the student athlete and their families. 

I had a discussion with a parent, from South Carolina, I believe, a few years ago.  He had a kid playing in the series.  Once in a lifetime opportunity perhaps.  He, his wife and two kids were staying for the duration which included the championship series.  The entire trip was going to cost him $14,000 not including any missed time from work for he and his wife.  The combination of last-minute plane flights, inflated hotel prices, nearly two weeks of eating out, rental cars and trying to find something else to do on the days you do not play are crippling.  These are not rich people.

Do we really need a three game championship and a bunch of days off.  Slice four or five days off of that bill and you make it  more affordable.

4.  The third championship game is never well attended.  The exception is probably this year with the closing of Rosenblatt.  But historically it has been a pig, to grab t he parlance of the scalpers.  22-24,000 for the first two games and maybe 16,000 for the actual national championship game.  This is probably a corollary to NO. 3 above but it has become anticlimactic.  People want the championship over in two games and when they don’t get it, they don’t come.  It’s probably a Omaha thing. 

5.  With all due respect to my friends the scalpers, and I am not sure any is due, ticket prices can sometimes go through the roof.  This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with just the CWS, it’s a market thing but there is nothing worse than having a family of five or six standing in my store, who have just driven all night from Louisiana to see the game.  They had heard that tickets are reasonable for the game (Face value that is).  They then find that reserved seats are going for a minimum of $100 a piece, and the alternative may be to camp out all night with their young children in line, to try to get tickets. 

I’ve defended the market economy of tickets throughout this blog and still believe that willing buyer-willing seller should rule.  However that does not mean that I can not lament for the above family.

6.  The length of games.  I don’t know why any baseball game should take four hours to play.  Get on the mound and pitch the damn ball and get in the batters box and swing at the damn ball.  Perhaps the umpires need to force the issue more.  But add four hours to a nine o’clock start and we might as well sleep at the shop.  There is no need to take that kind of time.

7.  Drunkenness.  Again I hear the cries of hypocrite.  You have given away more than 40,000 beers and now you’re complaining about people getting drunk.  Hey, I didn’t give all 40,000 beers to one person.  And what I probably mean more than drunkenness is the growth of drunken people who are hanging around and have nothing to do with the series or the event, and especially the über youth drunkenness.  This usually subsides after the first two days or so and you get into the acceptable fan drunkeness.

8.  ESPN controls the series.  Don’t get me wrong, I would probably wither and die without ESPN in my life.  But in this year of the World Cup, the fact that the routine of the CWS has to be altered for ESPN and the World Cup just sucks.  This all relates back to money.

I guess what I am saying in some ways is that what I really want is the days before I owned the store and my brother and I would take the bus to the CWS and walk into Rosenblatt, the only place that the CWS should ever be, and sit wherever we wanted and do what comes naturally………

Watch Championship College Baseball.

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I’m sorry Piv, I don’t think we are going to make it.

Comment by PodKatt

pod, maybe your team isnt, but you better. the CWS at the blatt is an experience you need to have before it goes away. and i agree with everything piv said. except for the scalpers part. scalpers should be shot. the rest is all too true.

Comment by OkieTiger

I cross posted to my facebook page with a nice note and I think a bunch of people came to read. It was a great list….and it must have spread!

Comment by Double-U

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