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Shoudn’t a dying store get at least one last request! by gpiv
May 17, 2010, 12:10 pm
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Thirty two bottles of beer in the fridge.

Well it’s now official, the Cornhuskers are not coming to the College World Series.  I know that some of you are shocked to read it here first.  But I’ve decided to break the news to you today so all the Husker baseball fans can put away their football jerseys until August.  They’ll be no football jerseys at the CWS this year.

But really, it is a sad state of affairs in Lincoln.  Nice ballpark, bad baseball team.  How far they have fallen.  I notice that Mike Anderson said in  the World Herald today that he is the kind of guy who is looking to teach t he kids something from the losing and have them learn from it.

Poppycock Mike.  Teach them to win and then the lesson will be obvious.  You win, you get to play longer, and you get to keep your job.  That’s the lesson Husker fan wants you to impart.  Teaching and having the kids get better is the last bastion of a loser.

I’m sure glad that Tom Osborne gave him a vote of confidence a few weeks ago.  I think that he has won one or two games since that.  What lesson can we take from that Mike.  I guess a vote of confidence and knowing you have a paycheck for another year can let you relax for a while.  No need to gear up for a post season run when the bills are paid.

Take a look at this season.  They have to beat Creighton on Tuesday and sweep Texas Tech next weekend to avoid their second straight losing season.  That would be  the first time they lost two seasons in a row since 1975-1976.  Who the heck was the coach in 1975-76.  I sure hope that he got a vote of confidence. 

And what is the Stadium View odds of that happening.  When pigs fly.  Creighton is looking to sweep the Huskers for the year and Texas Tech is second in the big twelve.  Now I understand that it is the Big One and the Little Eleven this year but Nebraska’s chances of sweeping Texas Tech are not good.

Creighton and Nebraska play their last game in Rosenblatt tomorrow night.  I think I’ll open the store for that event.  As bad as their seasons have been hopefully they’ll have a good crowd there for the final of what over the last few seasons has developed into a good event.

Now to something of more importance.  LSU was swept this weekend by Kentucky.  Folks, we’re talking about baseball, not basketball. That just isn’t supposed to happen.

The chances of t he Tigers making the last CWS complete is not looking good.  Sure they will get a regional bid, but maybe not at home.  They play Tulane this week and closeout against Mississippi State next weekend.  They were NO. 20 going into the weekend but will almost assuredly drop out of the top 25 after the sweep by Kentucky.

What if we have the un-perfect storm this year.  No LSU, Texas gets upset in their regional, all the SEC teams don’t make it.  Part of me says that it would be fitting for the NCAA and the leadership of the City of Omaha to have a three game championship between Coastal Carolina and Connecticut.

But I’d rather have them save that for next year.  Open the new stadium with eight teams who have never made it to the series before.

The hotels empty, the restaurants half full.  Nobody buying the ticket licenses.

Pigs aren’t going to fly there either.

But can’t the Baseball Gods grant the dying Stadium View one last wish.

A  final meal that includes Tigers and Longhorns.

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