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Books! Brothers! Parking Lots! Animal Dung! Ice Cream! Fabulous Prose! The Wrong Screwdriver! by gpiv
May 20, 2010, 8:33 pm
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Twenty nine bottles of beer in the fridge.

We’re under thirty and I’m really starting to panic.  Will I be ready?  What will the place look like?  Will anybody come to the series?

Yes.  Great.  Yes.

Those are the answers.  I saw my brothers book the other day.  There’s a short chapter on 13th street at the College World Series.  Good thing Steve’s not Mike Kelly’s brother since Mike has his hand in about every other pocket.  Why, do you ask?  Because life on 13th Street, as opposed to all of the writers who claim that Stadium View is the epicenter of life on the street, apparently revolves around Zestos, owned by the aforementioned Mr. Kelly.   There is a huge picture of Zesto’s in the chapter.   If in fact, my brother was Mr. Kelly’s brother,  they would have had to leave Zesto’s out of the book.  Just goes to show that you can’t believe everything you read in print, whether it be the newspapers or books.  Sometimes the truth has to be ignored for other reasons.

Those who don’t believe that can exit this blog and go to visit Zesto’s blog.  Oh you say, pray tell where is their blog.  I’ll get you the site as soon as they start it.

Who is a better ambassador to the hospitality of the citizens of the City of Omaha?  The ice cream joint that in the spirit of true capitalism triples their prices and limits their menu during the CWS or the memorabilia store who has given away 40,000 free beers and hundreds of free meals in the last 19 years?

Enough whining.  It’s very unbecoming no matter how accurate and deserved it is.

The rest of the book looked great and looked factually accurate.  However, since my cousin played on the 1991 Creighton team that played in the CWS,  I believe they should have left out the fact that Creighton made the world series, to avoid any appearance of nepotism.

Oh well, I suppose my cousin was never wrongfully accused of scalping tickets and had numerous stories written about him in the local newspaper.  Mia culpa, mia culpa.

After approximately 350 words which have attacked the book I will now sing its praises.  If you grew up in the fifties and sixties, when Rosenblatt was still in its childhood, the book and it’s wealth of pictures are a must for you.  From the early years of the College World Series, to the Mustangs, to the Charity Games that used to go on in the Stadium, to its rich history in high school sports, Rosenblatt has been the gem in Omaha sports that is portrayed in the book.  It does a wonderful job of highlighting that as well as featuring the history of the College World Series in the Blatt.

Do you suppose they will use a wrecking ball or dynamite to take it down?  Do you suppose there will be animal pens with a wealth of animal dung on that hallowed field or will they instead cement the whole thing over for parking? 

Frank Mickadiet of the Orange County Register wrote of the future animal pens/parking lot a few years ago.  He said, “Rosenblatt and it’s environs might be the best and purest baseball experience in America.”  He goes on to state, “You could spend millions and never create something like Rosenblatt Stadium and Pivovar’s shop (Stadium View).”

The book celebrates the home of that purest baseball experience that a generation of hard-working packing house workers and their children built.  It does it with prose and pictures that do justice to a monument to amateur athletics.

But it forgets the hard-working brewery workers son who true to his father’s teachings welcomes each and every friend who enters his place with a free beer.

Sometimes you just bring the wrong f…ing screwdriver.

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