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Beating a Dead Horse and Securing One’s Place in History Ain’t Easy! by gpiv
May 22, 2010, 3:53 pm
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Twenty seven bottles of beer in the fridge.

Good news.  The World Herald called me after the last blog and they have decided that I was right.  Inclusion of any material on my Cousin John’s 1991 Creighton College World Series participation clearly violates their anit-nepotism policy.  They have recalled all the books and are going to carefully cut out the four pages which cover that era and then put the books back on the market.

The power of the electronic press does work.  The people who read that blog (all forty five or so of you) must have been up in arms over the issue and flooded the World Herald in support of The View.

Have I beat this dead horse enough?

It’s  Saturday and I am going down the store to do some work which will include some repair/construction work so I went to Menards for some stuff.  When I walk into Menards, it is a lot like I’m walking into Victoria Secrets or better Dr. John’s.  Having the background in tools that I have (The f…ing screwdriver and the f…ing hammer) I do not want to be approached by anyone from the store lest I display my ignorance and they will laugh at me as soon as I am out of sight.  As a result I wander around aimlessly for a period of time, avoiding any row where there is a customer service person, finally pick out some light bulbs and then run out as fast as I can, having paid for them of course.

The same thing happens at Vicky Secrets and Dr. John’s.  But of course they don’t have light bulbs there.  You can imagine what I buy,  when there are no other customers in the store and I can only be embarrassed by the clerk, and then sheepishly leave the place.

I’m just kidding, I’ve never been to Dr. John’s.  I just watch the commercials.  You know that clerk in the commercials looks vaguely familiar, like I might have seen it reflected in the countertop at the checkout…….

No really, I’ve never been there.

Tomorrow I will finish the blog on the improvements at The View over the years.  I usually get compliments for them, probably because the place looks so cobbled up sometimes (you know like a house in LaVista that has been added on to four times), that any improvement that I have done by someone else looks like the Taj Mahal.

When we get to the last two or three weeks I am going to concentrate on more of the talk about the CWS and Omaha, except of course, when I plug my brothers book.  I’ve decided that because of the issue of nepotism in this blog, that I probably shouldn’t mention the World Herald any more.  So just like proclaiming Zesto’s as the crowning jewel of 13th Street, I am going to do a little revisionist history of my own and refer the South Omaha Sun as the preeminent newspaper in Omaha, interchangeably of course, with The Omaha Bee.

Just think how confused the out of towners will be when they come to town and go into the convenient store looking for the daily South Omaha Sun because some revisionist historian told them it was the preeminent newspaper in Omaha, only to discover it doesn’t exist.  They will be presently surprised to be handed a quality newspaper like the World Herald.

Kind of  like when the saunter down thirteenth from the overpriced hamburger and ice cream store up the street and discover the real epicenter of 13th street and the CWS.

The View.

How’s that dead horse feel now.

By the way my Mom, the one who couldn’t effectively dispense corporal punishment, worked for that preeminent newspaper, the South Omaha Sun.  She wrote a neighborhood column.  Many a deadline night was spent at the typewriter, cursing under her breath that she ever consented to write the column at all, with a More cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a bottle of Falstaff strategically placed so that the carriage return on the typewriter would not knock it over.

“When finished she would of course return to her other late night activity.  Praying for my soul.

You get the idea.  I come from a long line of fine newspaper writers.

Did I tell you that my brother wrote a book about the College World Series and Rosenblatt Stadium.

Oh by the way, one last thing about the book before I leave it alone for a while (Like that’s ever going to happen).  I do not like the way the South Omaha Sun failed to give appropriate authorship credit on the cover of the book to Benedict Arnold.  Oh well, I guess we both got omitted.

I digress.  I think it was Erik that said he didn’t understand the More cigarette reference.  The were a funky looking skinny, chocolate-brown colored cigarette (I use chocolate brown colored to avoid the description of them as shit brown), that must have been the cheapest on the market at the time.  If those cigarettes looked wierd hanging out of my Mom’s mouth, they looked twice as wierd hanging out of my Dads.

One last thing.  The Parking Nazi is pissed cause I rented the side to the Tamale guys and not McKenna’s.  Believe it or not my decision was made because  I am giving away BBQ at least three times during the series as well as cooking it for two tent parties.  Five times that I might be giving away food in direct competition to a guy I;am charging a lot of money to set up on my land.  I didn’t think it was right.

But the Nazi was going to get free sandwiches and a fifty dollar gift card from McKennas and he doesn’t like tamales.

This securing your place in history quest ain’t easy.

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No McKenna’s!!?? These better be some good Tamales.:)

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