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Craftsmen at bargain prices! I wouldn’t take out my own spleen! by gpiv
May 23, 2010, 4:07 pm
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Twenty six bottles of beer in the fridge.

It’s getting close.  The ball is going to start rolling downhill from here.  I spent some time at the store yesterday and didn’t get a damn thing done.

Good news.  Busch Light is on sale this week and I also have money, a rare combination.  Fifty six cents a can in the case size and Sixty five cents a can in the 18 packs.   Because of the configuration of the worlds largest cooler I need some 18 packs but I am going to wait until the ads come out this week to see if 18’s are cheaper.

Do the math guys.  One hundred cases at fourteen bucks a case.  $1400.  Ribs, approximately $50.  Enchiladas approximately $125.  Jambalaya $150.  Pulled pork $75.  Italian sausage and Brats approximately $ 100.  Pop $150.  Water $50. Condiments and sides $250.  Plates, napkins, paper towels and silverware  $100.

This is one expensive party.

But you guys and all the fans of The View and the CWS are worth it.

But remember to urge your friends to throw a buck or two in t he college fund now and again.

As Joe the Mexican finishes the deck I need to finish the story of the improvements to The View since I bought it.  Then when you look around it during this final year, because I’ll never see most of you down there again after this year,  you can revel in the house from LaVista look of the place.

The Parking Nazi, who probably handles a hammer even worse than me (I worked as a carpenter for two summers , so I’m really not as bad as I say) is actually responsible for many of the improvements.  He has a father and a brother-in-law that are handy. 

His dad was meticulous to a fault.  He never worked without a drawn out plan, and when we awarded a project to him, being the only bidder and the lowest bidder, we needed to start the project well before the series because he would take his sweet time. 

First was the pegboard display on the south wall where all the t-shirts hang.  When the wrecking ball finally falls on The View, the south wall will go down long before the pegboard display.  It has served me well and there have been a couple t shirts sold off of it.

You have to understand the challenge of improving The View.  The first challenge was always money, or the lack thereof.  But beyond that there was the building itself.  Plaster  and lath walls are almost impossible to nail into and are a construction phenomena that most of todays craftsman are unfamiliar with.  Compound that with the fact that nothing is square in the whole place.  For Chrissakes, you can set a ball at the door way and it will immediately start rolling downhill towards the bathroom.

To for a master craftsman like Nazi’s  dad it was a bit frustrating.  Perhaps more than a bit.   The Nazi’s Dad let he and I participate as all good fathers.  We ran tools and held things up while he somehow fastened them to the walls.

After the pegboard came the TV Stand .  It’s in the northeast corner and was designed to hold a three thousand pound TV.  Apparently the Nazi’s  dad was not aware of the fact that technology was actually making televisions lighter rather than heavier.  I could put an old Philco up on this thing.  But everyone who has sat and watched the last few innings of a game on tv at The View has enjoyed Larry’s handywork.

We then had to redo Cleavage point.  Again another project that the Nazi’s dad and Brad, his brother-in-law, undertook as if they were building the pyramids.  And all so that Wacko can look down some girls blouse.  Ramses II (not the prophylactic) was proud upon completion of thisproject.

Gary, who was introduced in a much earlier column, put up the shelves in back and redid the back hallway.  That’s the hallway that despite all the signs saying do not go back there and that it is not a bathroom, at least two to three drunks a day go back there thinking it is the bathroom  One guy was back there for about fifteen minutes and he was so drunk I just let him wander back there.  I think he may have pissed his pants or shat himself.

If the Tv stand can support three thousand pounds, the shelves in back can support a small elephant on each shelf.  Another piece of quality work.  By the way, Gary lived in LaVista, so he knew about adding on to a house in LaVista.

The Nazi’s dad’s last project was the windows in front.  They used to be a single window and flying rocks or vandalism would result in having to replace a window almost every year, at hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  I think it was the Nazi that may have come up with the idea to split each large window into four separate windows.  If not it was his dad.  That was a major project and Brad pitched in again.  I don’t know if we have had to replace a single pane since then.  If we have it has only been one.

Joe, the plumber/electrician also has building skills.  He put up the slatwall on the inside walls which was a great improvement.  It absolutely has completed the inside improvements.  Pegboard, slatwall and the rest of the inside decor  has the editors of Architectural Digest drooling to do a photo shoot for their magazine. 

My brother-in-law, Ryan,  completed the bathroom remodel.  All of you that visit the facilities should have seen it before.  A second bathroom remodel was completed by Bernie, a client who owed me money.

My longtime employee who shall remain nameless to protect he aqnd I from the wrath of his mother and Stingray, the scalper, remodeled the back apartment.  The kitchen is really nice and they did a fine job with the money limitations I gave them. 

It would have been nice to have had a plan for a total look for the store.  But I like the way it looks and so do most of my customers who claim it looks like a place out of  Cooperstown.    The partially painted ceiling sets it off with Elan.

It ain’t no ice cream store but it’s all we got.

For one more year.

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