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A petting zoo and an ice cream machine! I’ll make the next book on 13th Street! by gpiv
May 24, 2010, 12:32 pm
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Twenty five bottles of beer in the fridge.

I want to start off this blog with an apology.  Everybody is immediately thinking that I am going to tell my brother and the South Omaha Sun that I am sorry for the way I have treated them in this blog.

Heck No, I want to apologize to the Parking Nazi.

Seems he took offense, and rightfully so, with my characterization that he was pushing the McKenna’s deal for personal profit and gain.  I never thought that nor would I ever think that.

Tom( that’s the Nazi’s real name) is one of the most generous people I know and also happens to be my best friend.  He bankrolled me during last years cancer year and has always had my best interests at heart.

You only got so many friends in life and tamales versus barbecue is not a place to lose one.

So to Tom, I’m sorry.

Now what direction is the blog going.  I think that the last two weeks, when we may start picking up some readership from teams who are thinking that they may make it to Omaha, I will focus more on Omaha, the series and some recaps of  the characters at the View and of course, the teams.  Until then, I’ll keep plugging along in a random sort of way.

LSU took two out of three in their series against Mississippi State to make it into the SEC tournament.  They play No. 1 Florida and hopefully will play well in the tourney to build some momentum going into the regionals.  It’s a tough road, but sometimes destiny takes over, and we can always hope that in a year that is going to end with the destruction of Rosenblatt Stadium, destiny is more important than records.

Todays South Omaha Sun had two stories of interest to the CWS.  One was an excerpt from my brothers book regarding Dave Winfield, truly an ambassador to College Baseball and Major League baseball.  It’s a great excerpt about the 1973 College World Series where Winfield dominated as a pitcher and an outfielder.  I take an exception with only one statement.  Winfield was not arguably the greatest athlete who ever took the field for the CWS, he was the greatest athlete who ever took the field at the CWS.

The second article in the Sun was about Henry Doorly Zoo’s impact on  the economy of Omaha.  Now, long time conspiracy theorists, like me, have always said that the push downtown for the CWS is as much about liberating the land locked zoo as it was about building a downtown stadium.  Those theorists talk about how the zoo has been buying up land to the south, house by house as the older residents died off.  But they couldn’t buy a stadium.

So they bought a mayor.

And Poof, the stadium that screwed up their business for at least two weeks a year (And once in a while when the Royals drew some people) was gone.

The study that was cited said that the zoo’s impact in 2009 was $101.22 million.  The zoo had an increase of 170,000 visitors in 2009, probably from what the article terms “staycations” resulting in a 16 million dollar increase in impact.

That’s a lot of money.  Maybe those little stuffed animals are the wave of the future for The View.

And I could sell bags of animal feed a lot cheaper than they do over there.  And that fish feed for all those carp with their mouths open.

Those fish always reminded me of girls basketball.  How they stand under the rim, refusing to jump and reaching up, like fish, waiting for someone to give them a rebound.

And if the Nazi’s not still mad at me, we could discuss the possibility of a petting zoo in the back parking lot.  Somebody needs to look into what kind of permits we need for that.

And what about an ice cream machine for inside so in twenty years when someone writes a book about the history of the zoo, I have a chance to make that book.

Yeah, that’s my future, ice cream………….

And little stuffed animals.

There’s a lot to look forward to come June 30th.

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