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The old lady across the street must have had a relationship with the Mayor! It’s the only way to explain things! by gpiv
May 25, 2010, 12:11 pm
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Twenty four bottles of beer in the fridge.

I now am officially in panic mode.  How do I know, you ask?  I had that naked law school dream again last night.  I was going to take final exams, after not having gone to class for the entire semester and I wouldn’t find my clothes.

Let’s analyze this.  I am me in the dream.  The store is played by final exams.  The entire semester is just letting the store go for nine or ten months.  Finally nakedness is unpreparedness.

And Freud said all dreams had a sexual component.  What did he know.  I think that this one is fairly straight forward.

Tomorrow I get to go to St. Paul, Nebraska, Grand Island, Nebraska and Blair, Nebraska.  Not much is going to get done at the store tomorrow.  However, I get rid of a lot of buckets of crap before the College World Series.

So I think I’ll go down there today, sometime and get some stuff done.  Maybe I can get my clothes on and the whole store will be ready tomorrow.  Oh, what t he heck,  I’ve bought 30 cases of beer and the food is done, that’s what’s important.

The thing that being at the store on a semi-regular basis is that I reaquaint myself with my neighbors.  I have had an interesting relationship with my neighbors over the period of ownership of the store.  It’s been a love -hate thing.  They love me when I’m around, taking care of the place and hate me when I’m not. 

I regret the fact that at some times I haven’t been the best of neighbors.  One of the reasons I quit renting the back apartments out was that it was easier on the neighbors and the neighborhood if they didn’t have to deal with my  tenants.  Some  times the fiestas in the back parking lot (you know the one that is going to be a petting zoo)  may have interrupted some of the sleep in the area.  That’s what the police are for .  Right?

Mark, my neighbor behind me, has never met a meal I have made or a beer I have opened that he didn’t like.  Before we became friends, I never knew who he was.  I thought he was a customer who came in every day to eat, but wondered why he never bought anything.  Then of course the Parking Nazi, who talked to him every day while discussing the parking economy, pointed him out to me.  A relationship was born.  Mark is now an absentee landlord also.  But he rents to his kid so he has a lot more control then when I rented the apartments.

Mark and Bernadette owned the house directly across B street for a period of seventeen years.  Bernadette was talkative, especially after drinking several of my free beers.  She could cuss with the best of them and even though they capitalized on  the CWS she had a lot of negative things to say about the whole process.  Mark, on the other hand just nodded his head to whatever Bernadette said, and drank a free beer.

They rented their yard for years to Thrasher Basement Systems.  Thrasher, and Bill Kirby, their ramrod, run a class operation.  They have been there for eight or ten years and we have a great relationship.  Bill has his own beer and lots of it.  Every once in a while he’ll run out and come borrow one or two, especially, during set up when he doesn’t have a party present.  Either last year or the year before he borrowed a hundred or so paper plates and has refused to repay them.  We need to figure out the interest on 100 paper plates.  It’s the last year and there are no carry-overs after this year.  All debts are due and payable.

I met the old lady who leaves her house every CWS, who lives next to Mark and Bernadette’s old house, the other day.  In nineteen years I believe it is the first time I have met her.  We talked for about a minute and a half.  In that time she twice said that she was happy that the CWS was leaving.  Chalk one up to Mayor Fahey.

I’ve already talked about the Catholic priest who owned the land to the South on occasion.  They were absentee landowners also and cut their lot about as much as I cut my lawn.  They were the parking lot kings for a while before they discovered the ability to lease the lot to tent owners.  Then they sold out.

Along came another absentee landowner.  This one, Mr. Hofer, lives in Florida.  He was part of a t-shirt operation for a while but decided that living in Florida and having a summer lot in Nebraska was the perfect time share.  He took the neighborhood to a new level.  The maximization of profit was developed next door.  Neighbors probably wouldn’t be the proper term when talking about Mr. Hofer and I.  Adjoining landowners is a much more descriptive term.  It removes any relationship other than a legal one out of the equation.

Eva used to live in the house next to them and we had a friendship of sorts.  Her house is now torn down.  She sold out as soon as her mother died and she had the opportunity to get out of Dodge.  During her ownership she would rent to various people and then would come down to the store and ask me if she did the right thing and then bitch about how she was getting taken by the people she was renting to.  Eva did need to get out, because she was being taken advantage of.

In nineteen years, of my immediate neighbors, there is only myself and the old lady across the street left.  All the others got out of Dodge.  She hates the College World Series, I love it.  She wanted it gone and I wanted it to stay.

She won. 


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