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What will happen if Florida Gulf Coast makes it! It looks like the Chanticleers are coming. Teel is their color. by gpiv
May 26, 2010, 10:47 am
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Twenty three bottles of beer in the fridge.

I’m writing this at 5 a.m. cause I have to drive to St. Paul , NE, for a DUI at 9 a.m. and then meet with a viewer of child pornography at 10:30 in Grand Island.  My true procrastinating self shone through yesterday as I delayed looking at the evidence in the child pornography case until the last moment.  I don’t know if it was procrastination or just fear of what I was to see.  It was as bad as I expected and I will kick anyone’s ass I know who gets in that situation before I represent them.

Since I have to leave in a few minutes I will go through yesterday’s top 25 and give you my current wish list.

Current No. 1 is Virginia and they would be a good come back team.  Local connections and a pretty strong following last year.

No. 2 Texas.  They absolutely have to make it to make the final world series an event.  I have a lot of good friends there and I think Texas may come in staggering numbers for the final Rosenblatt  World Series.

Arizona State and Florida are the next two.  Florida yeah, Arizona State not so much.  West coast just doesn’t travel well.

Five and six are Coastal Carolina and TCU, a couple of newcomers or a newcomer and hasn’t been here for a long timer.  I still have all those TCU pennants and maybe they will all sell.  Yeah right.  I don’t have any Coastal Carolina pennants and I probably need to start learning who their mascot is and what colors they wear.

Seven and eight are UCLA and Cal State Fullerton.  Fullerton seems destined.  UCLA are great colors but not so great travelers.

Louisville.  Kris is their Adidas rep and they travel pretty well.  I’m in on Louisville.  The next four are South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma and Auburn.  Not bad on each and every one of those.  Auburn I don’t remember so well since it’s been a long time since they were here.  Oklahoma hasn’t been for a long time also but I have a lot of Oklahoma SI’s.

Of the rest between both polls I could give you a list of wants.  Florida State would be all right.  Clemson is No. 25 in the Baseball America poll and travels well.  They are 16 in the Collegiate Baseball Poll. 

Texas A&M, Stanford, Fresno State, and Southern Miss are in the CB poll.   The A&M and Texas rivalry would be something to see.  Dig out all of those Bubba Bean magazines.  I have a lot of Fresno State championship shirts left from two years ago so they would be all right.  Maybe they would buy the second time around.

If Southern Miss makes it Brett Favre says he’ll play next year.  What a way to make a decision. 

If No. 28 in the CB poll, Florida Gulf Coast makes it I think I will close the store next year.

Maybe I won’t have a choice.

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