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An idea brewed up in a bar. How about Stadium View Mug Shots? by gpiv
May 27, 2010, 11:47 am
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Twenty two bottles of beer in the fridge.

Talked to the AP the other day.  For you who don’t often read the newspaper that is the Associated Press.  They are doing a story on bot h the store and the changing face of the College World Series over the years.  There should be a national story released over the weekend featuring The View and the CWS.

He wanted some other people to talk to about the changes they have seen.   They had to be non family members.  So I turned him onto the Parking Nazi and Kris.  I figured that they would know more about the developing festival atmosphere of the CWS than I do, and they are not technically family members.

I mean, the Nazi, he gets to languish in the temperate climate of Omaha, mostly in a lawn chair, soaking up the rays and the babes while I slave away inside with the inadequate air  conditioning, taking whatever morsels of information about the outside world I can garner from the beer mooching people who enter the store.  I know nothing of the party atmosphere outside, unlike the Nazi.

And Kris is the center of the party atmosphere, watching the games from those primo seats provided for by his company and then wandering the streets in search of something else or somebody else to put on his video camera, hoping to make the Omaha Gone Wild tape for this years College World Seres.

I could have had him call Moosie, but he might have had to miss a meal to talk to him and I was just looking out for his health and nutrition.

The press has  two good years of story, with the closing  of Rosenbaltt and then the opening of the new stadium next year.  The South Omaha Sun writers have so many ready-made stories that they may not have to think. 

Sounds like a good year to put a monkey wrench into all of those touchy- feely stories with a good ticket sting.  Let’s put some drama back into the series.

Who’s up for a mug shot.

Now that’s an idea.  Erik and I came up with this in a bar in Kansas  City.  You are probably saying, “Be still my heart, Erik and Piv in a bar.”  Yes folks, other than those one or two beers I have at The View each year, there is an occasion or two when I do imbibe.  It is rare, but the damage to my salivary glands from the radiation treatment has caused a slight increase.

Well how about “Stadium View Mug Shots”.  We can clear a spot on the south wall where the boys and I got our mug shots taken.  We can do some numbers for them to hold under their mug shots and then get  a Polaroid and do a picture.  That way you and all the other customers who missed the great scalping caper can get the feel of what it was like that day when The View was occupied by undesirables.  I’m not sure if I’m describing us or the cops when I say undesireables.

I’m sure “my employee who shall remain nameless to protect myself and him from the wrath of his mother’s” mom will order a dozen or so for next years Christmas cards.

But if we cut out the undesirables, what would I write about.

I’m just not a touchy-feely story type guy.

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Well, as usual the update has me wanting to be there more than ever. LSU beat Florida in the SEC tournament opening round. Just 13 or 14 mor games and they can win another National Championship.Just hoping a little, but who knows.Oregon State did it.See ya at the CWS, Geaux Tigers.

Comment by Robert King

Ideas over beers are the best ideas. Run with it Piv.

Comment by KB

Sounds like a great idea.Your nameless employee should be first in line with tommyticket

Comment by stingray

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