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Reflections: Maybe in the front window! by gpiv
May 28, 2010, 12:09 pm
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Twenty one bottles of beer in the fridge.

Yesterday was a wierd experience.  The AP is doing a story about the CWS and about the store.  It probably won’t run in Omaha so I will have to see if he sends it to me, electronically, so that I can share it with the blog readership.  However the task yesterday was to send a photographer to take some shots of me and the store.

Now this was not good for me.  Ever since the cancer I am not comfortable with my exterior.  The interior is a lot better but I have to imagine myself as I was in order for me to deal with what I see cancer to have done to me.  The mirror is my enemy.  And pictures are just a permanent mirror.   Smiling is a chore because I have to smile without opening my mouth.  While I never had a good set of choppers, cancer, radiation and the tortuous extraction of teeth have robbed me of the ability to open my mouth in public.

Those things became ever so obvious in my Glamour Shots session.  I was asked several times why I looked so somber and to open up and smile.  It must have looked like a Stepperette, with that deer in the headlights phony smile.

He took some potentially great shots of me in front  of the building in front of the Stadium View neon sign and Rosenblatt reflecting into the window behind me.  I’ll be interested to know how they came out.  He photographed me about seventy-five to a hundred times and I am sure that they will run one or two shots, so I do wonder how the others came out.

I thought I would get a bunch of stuff done after he left, but I was unable to move.  Another deer in the headlights deal.  Joe the Mexican showed up to have me look at the deck/porch that was complete.  It has some flaws but is certainly much better than what was there before, at least until we have to tear it out cause it is too close to the lot line.  So after hoisting a beer with Joe instead of working on the store I went to Menards to get the paint to paint t he deck.

There is some glimmer of hope out of the SEC tournament.  The eighth seeded LSU Tigers have defeated No 1 seed Florida and Vanderbilt to advance to the winners bracket against Ole Miss or Auburn.  They appear to be hitting the ball and their pitching is coming around. 

Pairings for the regionals come out Monday.  A SEC championship might land the Tigers a regional.  The NCAA always know that Alex Box will be full and after all they run these things to make money, not friends.  I hope that revelation doesn’t shock anybodys sensibilities.

Well off to work.  If I can get a bunch done early today, I may head down to the store to get some stuff done.  Or not.

Perhaps I’ll just stare in the front window at the neon sign and see Rosenblatt reflected in it and see the happy go lucky guy that I saw three years ago………

Before the CWS was leaving…….

And Rosenblatt was going to be torn down……….

And disease changed my life.

Nothing lasts forever!

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did you get them to plug the blog??

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