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Ambassadoring (Is that a word?) ain’t easy! To hell with coast to coast, we’re going worldwide! by gpiv
May 29, 2010, 2:17 am
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Twenty bottles of beer in the fridge.

The AP guy, Eric Olson, sent me a copy of the article today.  His quote was that I was now famous coast to coast.


College World Series is Omaha’s Party Central was the title of the article.

I already thought I was famous, from coast to coast.  I’m just hoping that some of the foreign news sources pick up the story and some Arab Sheik wants to but me ;out after this year.  Wouldn’t that be a good investment for an oil baron.  Buy the land right across the street from the camels and other exotic animals.

To hell with Zoo View.  As soon as this story goes world-wide, I’m a millionaire.

That’s why I was out front painting the bricks today.  My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

The story is at    Just another great story about the ambassador of Omaha, who survived the slander of the South Omaha Sun a few years ago when falsely accused of ticket scalping only to arise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the slander and the rebuking of the South Omaha Sun’s(and my brothers) book about the history of the College World Series and Rosenblatt Stadium to truly ascend to his place as a preeminent part of the College World Series.

Do you guys like Mayor of 13th Street or Ambassador to the Country on behalf of the College World Series as a better title for me?  Or could I be both a mayor and an ambassador at once?

Those of you who read yesterday’s column on the guy who can’t open his mouth in public and is not comfortable with his own appearance, disregard that article.  That stunt double for me in the pictures worked out well.

Since none of my friends volunteered to help today or this weekend I marshalled all the assets that a mayor or ambassador should today and attacked the store with a vengeance.  Joe, the Mexican., and Danny Torres (I could call him Danny the Mexican but I only call Joe the Mexican by that name to separate him from the other Joes ast the place and to my knowledge Danny the Mexican is the only  Danny except Danny my brother-in-law who is going to help make pulled pork, which by the way is part of the reason that I’m not having McKenna’s and that the Parking Nazi got temporarily mad at me{By the way that may be one of the longest parenthetical statements in the history of American Prose}) were my marshalled assets, painting everything in sight.  If I can just keep the real Mexicans from tagging the stuff until after the CWS life may be good.

Oh by the way, you know those numerous cases of beer I bought this week.  Subtract two.  Joe the Mexican and Danny, the only other Danny except my brother in law, who also happens to be a Mexican, seem only to be inspired to paint under the influence of hops and barley.

Do you suppose King of Something might be an appropriate title.   King is higher than Mayor or Ambassador isn’t it?

Well I need to get some sleep.  I have to meet Danny………….., at 6:00 a.m. Since I don’t have any other help and he said he’d be there to paint the facade.

Everytime I’ve ever met Joe the Mexican at that time on a Saturday morning he has that disgusting menudo with him.  That shit gags me.

But after a case of beer, Danny the Mexican is going to need some menudo.

Ambassadoring ain’t easy!!!!


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