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Don’t worry I can still be an ear model! I know what a chanticleer is, do you? by gpiv
May 31, 2010, 1:43 pm
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Eighteen bottles of beer in the fridge.

The cleanup is going slow but well.  The entire front of the building has undergone a facelift.  Bricks painted, top of the building painted, sign cleaned.  Joe the Mexican is working real hard and deserves kudos for his painting.  He also finished the deck and is going to paint Wacko’s Cleavage point.  You guys won’t even know the place, it will look so good.

NCAA regionals were announced and LSU was not among the hosts.  I can’t find the stats on the internet regarding the percentage of regional hosts that advance to the super regionals.  I would think that it was greater than 50% but would not think that it is a huge amount above that.  I do believe that a large number of road teams in the super regional overcome that burden and advance to Omaha.  There’s still hope.

What happened to the Longhorns this weekend.  Three straight losses in the big 12 tournament.  I’d hate to see a Texas slump at the wrong time.  I’ve been buying Texas stuff to set up in the store.  I don’t need a Longhorn letdown.  All year that looked like a cinch and now they are starting to scare me.

The pairings come out later today and I will be watching for where the Tigers go.  As far as the regional hosts, there are four from the SEC.  Arkansas, Auburn, Florida and South Carolina will host and I would expect that LSU will not go to any of those regionals.

The ACC has three host schools.  Georgia Tech, Miami and Virginia will be playing at home.  Two Big 12 teams are hosting.  The aforementioned Texas and Oklahoma both have home games.  Three west coast teams also have regionals.   UCLA, Cal St Fullerton, and Arizona State are those teams.

Finally TCU, Louisville, Coastal Carolina and Connecticut are the kind of odd ball teams to host a regional.  I think I would like LSU to go to either TCU or Connecticut.  I don’t know if I wasnt a matchup with the Chanticleers of coastal Carolina.  Their teal colored uniforms might clash with the purple and gold and I have some fear that they are a team of destiny  If they are coming to Omaha I want it to be at the cost of someone else besides the Tigers.

Nebraska and Creighton are not expected to get at large bids when the 48 remaining teams are chosen today. 

Did anybody catch the AP story.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that I am not a one man show.  We all make the party atmosphere that surround The View and the CWS.  Otherwise it was pretty good.  Only one of the pictures they showed was posed.  The other ones he got while I was answering questions.  I fear my career as a model is in jeopardy because of my complete inability to pose.  Perhaps a hand or foot model might be a possibility.  Or an ear model.  They are of course getting larger as I age.

Well I am off to make things more hospitable for the visitors I have coming in two and a half weeks.

And maybe hoist a couple on Memorial Day.  I don’t visit graves but perhaps I can find a Falstaff to tip towards my Mom and Dad.

But no More cigarettes.  Cigarettes cause cancer you know.

And I’m done with that crap.

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