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Will it be a dream or a nightmare? The best of the sixty-four who can make it to Omaha! by gpiv
June 1, 2010, 11:53 am
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Seventeen bottles of beer in the fridge.

Big day yesterday.  Not at the store, but in the regional announcements.

Arizona State by virtue of being the No. 1 Seed has the easiest regional.  Most of the teams only have a little better than a five hundred record.  They then face the winner of the Arkansas regional.  My hope would be that either Arkansas or K State would advance from that regional.

Auburn looks to square off in the next regional with No. 2 seed Clemson.  My hope there would be Clemson.  Georgia Tech squares off against Alabama in the other matchup to go to the super regional.  It’s a tossup for me there.

The Charlotteville regional looks like a good one with Virginia, St. John’s and Mississippi.  As I have said in this blog all along I would like to see Virginia come back.  However in the super regional they might face off against either Oklahoma or North Carolina.  If faced with those matchups I would certainly be pulling for Oklahoma from a business standpoint.

South Carolina faces Virginia and the Citidel in their regional and then will most likely move on to face Coastal Carolina the likely winner of the Myrtle Beach regional.  That’s an instate rivalry if it shapes up that way and I can’t imagine that South Carolina is going to take kindly to the upstart Chanticleers.

Texas, the No 2 overall seed has a little tougher draw than Arizona State as they need to square off against in state rival Rice in the regional and then probably either in state rivals TCU or Baylor in the super regional.  Luckily they get to do it in Austin.

Florida State heads north and becomes the No. 1 seed in the Connecticut regional.  They threw Oregon in that Regional also.  The Super regional will then likely pair them up against either Louisville or Vanderbilt.  Let’s hope that Kris’ from Louisville make it all the way to Omaha.

LSU is the No. 2 seed in the Los Angeles regional and they take on the Anteaters from UC Irvine who would love to make it back to Omaha.  The No. 1 seed in that regional is UCLA the No. 6 overall seed.  I am not sure how the Tiger fans like this matchup and I have not been on their website yet.  It could have been better but they come off a great SEC conference title and may be peaking at the right time.

The Tigers will probably stay out west for the super regional.  Cal St. Fullerton is the No. 1 seed and are likely to face off against No. 2 Stanford.  Either would be tough opponents for LSU.  It’s a tough road to Omaha for the Tigers if they want to defend their championship in the final year at Rosenblatt.

Finally in the Florida regional,  Miami looks to play Texas A&M in the Corals Gable regional and then move on to play Florida in the super regional.  Florida looks to have an amazingly easy regional.

The way these super regionals shape up and realistically looking at the No. 1 and two seeds in each regional as a vendor I would have the following wish list.  Arkansas, Clemson, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Louisville, LSU, and Florida would make the final CWS at Rosenblatt a sellers dream.

The South Omaha Sun picks Miami to upset Florida in their super regional, Cal St. Fullerton to upset either UCLA or LSU in their super regional and Florida State to upend Louisville in their super regional.   Of the vendors dream world series they only pick one, Texas to make it .  I hope they are wrong in picking Miami, who historically bring almost nobody to the CWS.  Half the time you would think that all of those kids at Miami are orphans.

You know what.  In the end I’ll take whatever shakes out.  I’m not going to let the teams ruin my final College World Series.  Why should I cry over things I can’t control.

They’ll be enough crying when I have to say goodbye to all my friends of nineteen years.

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