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If each AP story results in five more beers, that’s 40 more cases I need! by gpiv
June 2, 2010, 1:05 pm
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Sixteen bottles of beer in the fridge.

We got problems, right here in River City.

I fear there is not enough beer in Omaha for this year at The View.

We need a BEER FAIRY.  Any Busch Light distributor out there want to be a beer fairy?

The AP story is blowing up.  I have problems trying to identify how many papers have picked up the story.  It’s a lot though.  I think last night it looked like up to one hundred and sixty-five if I read the information correctly.  It’s ran in either the print or on-line sections of USA Today, Lexington Herald, NBC Sports, Denver Post, Vail Daily, Chicago Tribune, Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Examiner, Kansas City STar, LA Times, Forbes, Marin County Independent and countless others. 

I feel the mooches lining up.  I welcome the challenge of all those who want to say, “I’ve been there.”  Your free beer, or two or three will greet you at the door.  However keep those young drunks away who are looking to supplement the case they have already drank that day with a six-pack of mine.

If you look on-line you get some of the pictures too.  Did you guys like the Hawaiian shirt?  It’s a new look for me.  I’m thinking about making it permanent. 

Here’s a tip for Moosey.  Eat early.  There may be more people coming by the free lunchoentte.

Hey can somebody try to get Guy Fieri to come by and do Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the day I do Jambalaya.  That’s my next goal now that I have had my 15 minutes of National fame. 

I think Stadium View fits into the category of Dives.

I think that Stadium View would not be the first place that Guy has seen a cock roach.  Not that he could see one there.

I need some help from the regulars on a blog AI want to write.  The top ten Stadium View moments in history.  While I will remain the final determiner of those moments I need some help.  I believe that the man in the red chair deserves a shout out in this one but what do you guys think?  The Erin Andrews interview last year?  The Bust?  The top ten characters would also be helpful.  Give me some feedback.  Quit simply being entertained by me and become interactive. 

Let’s do some shameless advertising since with all the stories may bring some extra readership.

First, I have three days of tent rental left.  All three championship days.  You get the 20×30 tent, tables, chairs, port a potties, big screen TV and the Parking Nazi to ramrod the whole operation.  contact me if you’re interested.

My brother’s book, or I guess The South Omaha Sun’s book on Rosenblatt and the College World Series is out and selling.  I’m going to carry it in the store but most of you might be hesitant to buy it.  I hear there is a new book on WWII that manages to leave Hitler out.  Oh, I’m over that.

I want to thank Eric Olson, an old client of mine, for the AP story.  He did a nice job as did Nati Harnik, his photographer, of making me not look like a goof .  Nati spent years as a photographer in Israel so he’s used to photographing in war zones.  Stadium View this time of year is simply another war zone.

To any  newcomers.  Contributions to offset the free food can be made on the counter to Harper’s College Fund.  We may have ;some other funds going.  Also I will be selling tickets to benefit the St. Bernadette festival.  A $1.00 chance to win $5000.

I’m getting geeked.  I was down at the store for a few minutes yesterday and it’s starting to shape up.

But it started.  Out of nowhere the tears came with nobody even there to inspire them.  Nineteen years of your life is a lot to devote to anything.   And to read about the CWS next year and not be a part of it will be hard.  But how do you take what we have and move it.

Oh and remember the T-shirt.

To Hell with Rosenblatt, SAVE STADIUM VIEW.

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