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Today’s question. WWMWD? What Would Michael Westin Do? by gpiv
June 3, 2010, 12:12 pm
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Fifteen bottles of beer in the fridge.

Wow, panic is really setting in.  I had the naked law school dream again last night.  Right before the alarm went off everybody was leaving the exam and I had not started.  I remember thinking to myself in the dream that if I got down to the last few minutes I was just going to pick random answers.  I think that psychologically that means its time to quit the slow cleanup and just start throwing stuff downstairs.

I want to thank my brother for calling me last night and inviting me to the premier of the documentary on Rosenblatt.  I was at the store being interviewed by a free-lance writer working for The Reader.  The word Premier scared me.  I had some visions of red carpets and all those paparazzi and I was under dressed.  So I didn’t go.  It airs on ESPNU tonight at 8:30 tonight.  Steve says there is a nice shot of the store on the documentary.  See, he really is a pretty nice brother. 

Moving on to more important things.  The new season of Burn Notice debuts tonight.  If you haven’t seen Burn Notice and you like spy type stuff you got to watch it.  Michael Westin is one of the great TV characters of all time.  It’s on at 8:00 on USA.  Maybe Michael can help me with the questions that face The View. 

It’s hard to tell how many papers, on-line papers and bogs picked up the story from the AP but it’s pretty unbelievable.  The guy from The Reader referred to it as the story going “virus”.  Just type in my name on Google and you will get a huge number of different papers that carried it.

Oh the beer, oh the beer.  I feel it flowing out of the back room right now.

Being hospitable ain’t easy.

I’m pretty pissed at my regular readers right now.  I asked for help, and those of you that know me know that it’s not easy for me to ask for help, and not a single person responded to my request for the top ten Stadium View moments and the top ten Stadium View characters.  Remember the rich guy from Alabama who paid Kris a hundred or more to run him to the airport so that he could get to either the NBA or Stanley cup finals?  How about the guy who threw $100 in Harper’s college fund?  Come on guys you know……

Blogging ain’t easy.

I didn’t cry at the store yesterday.  But I have to write a blog about my kids before this is over and I don’t know how I am going to get through that.  I already have the title I think, which is rare.  I usually write the story and then title it.  There is no way I can properly thank my kids for all they have done to make The View the place it is but I’m going to try. 

I saw Wacko at Ruby Tuesday’s yesterday.  I told him that we have to class up Cleavage Point.  I want to do signs which are printed, spelled correctly, laminated and fit for the corporate image we want to display if there is any chance we are going to go downtown.  There is nothing wrong with a little crudeness like the sign on the side of the porch which says, “If you’re close enough to read this then we are probably looking down your blouse.” , but I want blouse and probably spelled right.  Corporate image you know.

I really wish I knew the answers to the questions about whether we will try to move downtown or what’s going to happen next year.  I don’t.  It would be so much easier to wear a sign with the answers then to answer the questions a thousand times in the coming weeks.  But as with most of my life I’m the kind of guy who meets the immediate needs and doesn’t plan well for the future. 

But if there is no future and it’s just over rest assured last year’s t-shirt says it all, we’ll be left with…………..

A lifetime of memories.

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Thanks again for the interview, Greg. I know we just met, but your blog is so, well, you. Just in case you’ve got nothing better to do, here’s my blog site address —
Like I said, it’s full of diverse content, that is is you overlook the fact that
it’s all written by me. I’ll be adding more sports pieces over time, but there’s a few on there now.

Comment by leoadambiga

Paper signs that are printed and spelled right?? That would completely detract from the charm of Wacko’s kingdom over there…

I’ll see if I can spur some top 10 moments over here at our household.

Comment by Double-U

Got a hundred bucks and a mention in his book.$100 went a long way for me in 1997. Now I get 2 containers of formula and a box of diapers at Sams for a hundy.

Comment by KB


i think that the “Back to you and your momma too” should probably make the top 10 moments, that was hilarious!! If you don’t recall how it actually went KB has it on video!

Comment by toni

Actually ran into W. Edgar Welden (The $100 fare to Eppley) in Phoenix a few years back at the NCAA basketball Tourney. He was there to cheer on his Tide. He told me that the CWS was one of the best experiences he had that year. I told him that it was the easiest $100 I ever made. He even send me programs from the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Army/Navy game later that Fall.
Here’s a link to his book.

Comment by KB

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