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The soulless bastards! by gpiv
June 4, 2010, 10:59 am
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Fourteen bottles of beer in the fridge.

Wow guys, the regionals start today.  Good luck Tigers and Longhorns.  good luck to everyone that doesn’t play the Tigers and the Longhorns.  I’m trying to be a fence sitter except for the teams I need to say goodbye to.  I have so many friends from those teams who I may never see again.

It’s going to be a fun weekend to watch the regionals.  There are so many games and it’s kind of like the NCAA basketball tournament times two for me.  I have a rooting interest in every game whether it be for someone or against someone but in the end I’ll take whatever eight make it to Omaha.

By Monday I hope to tell you that The View is in great shape and all I need to do is wait until the final eight is determined so I can pick out magazines from their teams and cards from their schools.  If that happens, I’m probably going to be exhausted cause we’re not anywhere near there right now.

If I wanted a bunch of bump on a logs reading my blog I could have sent it to the NCAA.  This is interactive folks.  I got one nomination for Top ten personality and one nomination for top ten event.  Weren’t any of you people here the last nineteen years?  For Chrissakes Moosey wasn’t there a day where you ate so much you puked or something?  Lynn what the hell happened to you, did you lose your computer privileges or something?  Stacey and Toni, did all those years of Catholic education leave you unable to express your thoughts?   Stingray, wasn’t there a day when you didn’t screw somebody monetarily at Stadium View?  For Chrissakes somebody speak for Wacko.  You guys are closer to him out there and he doesn’t know how to use a computer and can’t speak for himself.  Parking Nazi, do I have to pull out some of the neighbor stories as top ten material? 

My interview Wednesday night was interesting.  I hate being tape recorded, because it eliminates that plausible deniability thing.  And this guy had two tape recorders going.  He didn’t have to ask many questions.   I was in a rambling mood.  We talked about all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the new stadium, the zoo and the tearing down of a monument.  Saying it is a shame does not do it justice.  It is a tragedy.

I think if they ever choose to tear down Wrigley or Fenway I will refuse to watch baseball anymore.  Baseball will have lost its soul.  Baseball is the one sport whose existence is bound to history.  With its basis in statistics it is nothing without its history and historians.

When College baseball chooses to dear down its history and its monument it is giving up its soul.  Led by its soulless organization and its soulless Omaha political organization an era that is potentially unmatched in college athletics will end in 28 days.  People from all over the country, with no connection to the CWS before are coming because they know the significance of what is happening.  They need to touch history before it is gone. 

And as they come we at The View will greet them with the same vigor that we have always done.  We will wine them, dine them, sell them, talk to them and send them away with a beer and a memory that Rosenblatt Stadium and t he College World Series is part of what is right in the world, what is pure in sports and what is truly good about baseball and people.

And then they will leave and I will be left on my stool behind the counter in a 112 year old store on 13th street.

My soul intact.

But I am not sure that Soul can move to North Omaha.

It’s a South Omaha soul.

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I think you need to do some investigative reporting on the crowd that Wacko attracts… Over the years I’ve seen him hanging with hooters girls, old friends, little children, boisterous (drunk) fans from out of state and I’m pretty sure at one point I remember Wacko sitting in a corvette on B street.

There are surely some shenanigans that go down over there but he doesn’t discriminate. People really love the guy.

I’ll throw a vote for him in as one of the top personalities of the series….

I could also say that one of the more memorable years for me was the nerve racking experience of getting engaged to your daughter. That could make a list somewhere I’m sure.

Comment by Double-U

HELLO!! dad, can you please read your comments from yesterday, I commented and made a sugestion, thank you very much!

Comment by toni

One ain’t enough. Piv

Comment by gpiv

Greg! I am here!! I was sick the past week. Busy with some bad family news.. We had to change our Annual Golf Outing and if you want to get some of those autographs off your hands, they will be greeted with love in our Silent Auction/Dinner for my Uncle Danny’s benefit dinner 🙂 Hey I learn from the best. ALL bout the mooch! Kris! Our tourney needs awesome prizes too!!!

Comment by Lynn

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