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The mayor/ambassador of 13th street goes scatalogical on you. Look that one up! by gpiv
June 5, 2010, 12:03 pm
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Thirteen bottles of beer in the wall.

John Wooden died.  Truly a legendary coach and even a greater man.  If you want inspirational direction read any of his books.  If you can stand to listen to Bill Walton, at least listen to him talk about Wooden.  He was one of the Coaches biggest challenges (he even had to bail Walton out of jail once) but yet the reverence that Walton talks about Wooden is awe-inspiring.  Ten NCAA basketball championships including seven straight during my basketball playing days from 67 to 73.  He was a gracious man and that once per NCAA final four shot of him will be missed.

Regionals were interesting.  If you’re a LSU fan you might say the beginning of a perfect storm may have happened.  LSU wins in extra innings as with two outs in the eleventh they get a walk, a single, a walk and a double over the head of the right fielder for the dramatic win.  They now face UCLA who may be mourning the loss of Coach Wooden. 

The other part of the perfect storm is shaping up in the Super Regional half of the bracket.  One and two seeds Cal St. Fullerton and Stanford both lost and now will have to battle from the losers bracket, and one is out after today.

Upsets.  ULaLa beat Rice 1-0.  The Citadel beat Virginia Tech.  Arizona got by Baylor 10-9.  The aforementioned Minnesota beat Cal State Fullerton.  New Mexico upends Stanford.  Oregon State beavered Florida Atlantic.  North Carolina crushed California.  Oregon ducked by Connecticut.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to go through the whole store to find something from the Citadel.  But bet me I can’t find something, and I will.

Apparently my attempts to create an interactive blog has been met with apathy.   I suppose off of what I got so far we can have the top two characters at Stadium View and the top one event.  I’m taking the beer away from you guys since It seems to have melted your brain cells.

What Would Michael Westin Do?  

Well great news in the South Omaha Sun today.  They announced the plans for the new Zoo.  They didn’t specifically mention The View but you can see the way it is shaping up.  They are preserving the Rosenblatt Home Plate and the way the new entrance is drawn in the plans people will look straight at the View from the entrance. 

How many coats of green and brown paint will be necessary to cover up the current red white and blue in order to give The View that jungle look? Who knows how to draw trees?  I need a volunteer with some art experience.  Oh, Amy can do that.  And I need a new logo.  That baseball on the peak of the store just doesn’t go with the Zoo View name.  I’d ask you guys to interact and give me some ideas for a new logo but the place would more likely get hit by a tornado than me get any suggestions from you guys.

I will need to have real animals around The View too.  Yo Yo, the family chihuahua, can probably be a permanent figure at the new Zoo View.  I could rent the back out again so that I could get some cockroaches back.  Joe the Mexican says that there is still one mouse somewhere in the place.  And I think I can get some rabbits back outside.  Oh the wildlife.

I could probably get a blow up panda or something to put out front and attract the Zoo goers.  I’m thinking the gaudier the better.  My goal will be to make the place look so obnoxious that the Zoo wants to buy me out,  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Instead of the jungle look to the outside of the place we can paint it like a big pile of elephant dung.  After all, the Zoo participated in turning my business to shit so why not reciprocate.

Since the Zoo now has acquired all the parking they need at the cost of a Baseball monument, I’ll piggyback onto them and use their parking.  That will allow me to turn my back parking lot into an interactive animal poo exhibit for the kids.  You can smell and touch (with the aid of plastic gloves) animal poo from the exotic animals across the street.  It seems that this is the niche I might be looking for.  Turn my business into a pile of poo and I’ll come out smelling like a rose.

I might have to change the new t-shirt to “To Hell with Rosenblatt, Save The Poo”.

And who says that all the imagination is gone from todays Americans?

Crap is king.

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