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Blogging ain’t easy, so I’ll grab a mop. by gpiv
June 6, 2010, 11:27 am
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Twelve bottles of beer in the fridge.

Well, the perfect storm isn’t quite that.  In the battle of the initials UCLA beat LSU 6-3.  Losers bracket with less than stellar pitching will be difficult.  Here’s hoping the pitching can come through.

Coastal Carolina took one on the chin from the College of Charleston.  They wear maroon and white and their mascot is a Cougar.  Might have to get used to that one.  I’ve had most of the year to get used to the idea of Coastal Carolina and now I might have to shift gears. 

The teams in the driver’s seat to get to the super regionals are Georgia Tech, Clemson, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Miami, Arkansas, TCU, Minnesota, Florida, UCLA, Louisville, College of Charleston, Oklahoma, Florida State and Arizona State.  Which team doesn’t fit in that group?  The losers bracket teams have to win three in a row to go to super regionals. 

I see that the World Cup starts in a week.  Anybody having a World Cup party to kick it off.  I’m in. 

I’m searching for inspiration today and it’s not coming.  After yesterdays poo article I’m all tapped out.  I do know that the interactive blog doesn’t seem to be going well.   Well I will make up the top ten lists and pretend that you all suggested them. 

I did get a bill from my t-shirt supplier yesterday so I should be getting the first of my shirts this week.  Not the Stadium View ones but the CWS ones.  They’ll be the Rosenblatt ones and the general ones without the eight teams on them.  I forgot most of what I ordered so it will be like Christmas when I open the boxes and say to myself, “I ordered that?”  Hopefully it was a lucid moment when I ordered them.

Well, it’s six a.m. and I’m going to head down to the store.  

Being a janitor ain’t easy.

And being a blogger is sometimes tougher.

This morning I’m destined to use a mop not a keyboard.

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Maimi is done sir, Texas a/m will win today bet on it!!!

Comment by stingray

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