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My daughters were born in a hospital but my son was born on 13th street! by gpiv
June 8, 2010, 1:20 am
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Ten bottles of beer in the fridge.

Ten is the shortest number we will get to until two or one.  It is now the scariest number.  After today I will no longer have double-digit days of preparation.  The problem is I am still in a LSU funk.  I am writing this the night before and as of this writing there is only one more team selected. Coastal Carolina completed their comeback by outscoring College of Charleston 11-10.  Somehow I’m thinking Teal is not going to replace purple and gold on the streets of Omaha.  But should you come I will greet you with the same enthusiasm as I did each and every other team who has walked through my door.

“Hey do you want a beer.  They’re free.”

And should they win their super regional next week I’ll show them the Omaha hospitality.  They better like seafood jambalaya though.  It seems my friends who really enjoy it don’t get to come.  An Anteater and a Bruin stepped in the way.

I’m torn between several stories at this time but since I am writing this at home, close to a lot of kleenex I will write about  some of my employees.  Actually the best of my employees.

You see we’re a family owned business.  Like a good Mexican or Chinese restaurant we have found the secret to success in the small business world.  The one thing that you cannot replace and which will carry you through all of the bad times.


All those other suckers on 13th street are paying for a group of kids or adults who come in and don’t give a damn about anything except how many hours they can get in or how many tips they can get from a tipsy customer.  I have the privilege of having five people who would not steal from me any more than they would go down the basement in my building (Its pretty scary down there).  I will exclude for now my wonderful wife, my wonderful son-in-law and my wonderful future son-in-law.

I have four beautiful daughters who were born in a hospital and a great son who was born on 13th street.

Stacey comes back from Kansas City now every year to help.  She’s a lawyer there having failed to heed my warnings not to follow in my footsteps.  She chose to ignore those words rather than follow in the footsteps of her mother as a religious fanatic.  She has literally grown up at the store.  She started working for me as soon as she realized that she could spend every day of the series down there rather than at home.  She has drunk there, fallen in love there and been domineering there.  She ignores my shortcomings and plunges right in there and changes everything I do not have the heart to change.

She is feared by scalpers.  She is sometimes the moral compass ;of the place.  When Joe the hotdog guy brought the ho’s, Stacey took care of it.  She has worked about two thousand hours for probably a total of 30 cents an hour cash (There are other perks as they get a paid vacation most years). 

Her only problem is that she can fall asleep a lot, after a day of hard work and a bunch of beers.

Toni, my middle daughter from my first marriage discovered the party atmosphere of the Series early.  Puking the Blimpies; out in the back seat of a car after the LSU guys corrupted her was the first clue. 

Toni embraced the party atmosphere of the College World Series earlier than all of my girls.  She decided that the CWS was nothing but a party early on and what’s a party without a lot of friends.  She has them by the droves around the place and once in a while they even buy a t-shirt.  She always takes the time off of work to help and does so without the same enthusiasm to clean the place up as Stacey. 

I couldn’t get by without her.  She has torn down the outside operations, or her boyfriend or friends have, on almost every occasion in the last three or four years.  And she has slept in back with a girlfriend or two when I have limited the keys that were available to her.  She sometimes emulates her father only too well.

Abby, dear Abby.  She is my current tech support for the series.  She typed the Harper Restaurant list and has helped with all of the signs.  She says she is going to be a visible presence this year and I welcome it, as I need all my kids around when I start crying like a baby.

Because all of her activities, including pom-pom and baton seem to happen in the front end of the summer Abby has not been able to be present as much as the other girls.  I think she also stayed away to avoid having to lie about her underage sisters who snuck beers behind my back and without my knowledge.  She did not want to have to tell me or her mom about it.

But her goal is to sell three hundred t-shirts herself this year.  So all of you from out-of-town come in and ask for Abby.  She’ll get that same fabulous commission that all of my daughters get on their total sales.

Harper Lee.  While Stacey, Toni and Abby have figuratively grown up at The View, Harper has literally grown up there.  She was born nine years into my ownership and I have not let her cramp my or her style at all.

She is friends with more adults than children.  She has no more ability to see a scalper as a bad person then she does to think that giving away a beer to someone who walks in your door is somehow wrong.  She is known by all as the recipient of the College fund and the boss of just about everyone, except Stacey , Toni and Abby.

Harper is the author of the line College World Serious.  It is her second favorite time of the year next to the St. Bernadette basketball tournament where she also grew up.  When I asked her one time it was the Bernadette tournament, the CWS, and then Christmas as her favorite times of the year.

When you drink your final beer at The View this year remember that the College Fund may end this year.  If you like what we’ve done over the years, Send Harper to North Carolina, cause I probably can’t.

My son was born on 13th street.  He walked in and asked for a job and it’s the one thing my ex-partner didn’t f-up in our partnership.  He hired Kris and I got a kid.

Kris has been a Stadium View company man from the beginning.  It wasn’t about the money it was about being a part of something special, something that will transcend the CWS for a few of us and will follow us the rest of our lives.  For Kris it was about being a part of…………………


Now Kris was used to being involved  in a mess.  Coming from a family of collectors Kris lived in a 2500 square foot house with 300 square feet of usable space.  Everything else was filled to the ceiling with collectibles.

So The View and the mess was a natural transition.  He fit right in and when we thought we would lose him to College and a real life, Kris crossed us up, and continues to come back from wherever the major sports shoe company has sent him year after year to the place of his birth, The View.

Now I’m not trying to steal  from his parents, wonderful people in their own right.  But my kids who all attended his wedding in Cincinnati laughed uncontrollably as I cried in a similar uncontrollable manner.

And at the end of this year, when the Stadium view obit is written right next to Amy, Stacey, Toni, Abby, Harper Erik, and Carl, there will be the name of Kris…………

My son born on 13th street.

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Great post this evenig.
I am so happy to be spending some time with you guys next week.
Yep, you had me crying on this one
Kris’ Uncle Larry

Comment by Uncle Lary

Ahh, The good old days 🙂

Comment by Lynn

Who did Stacey fall in love with at the View? I want to remind Erik.

Comment by Katfish

HA! I should probably clarify and make sure it’s not one of her other boyfriends….

Comment by Double-U

She fell in love with the “nameless employee” The one that has the mother that Piv is affraid of. 🙂

Comment by KB

Love you Dad!! Although, I think I am pretty resistant to change, so that part went over my head.

Comment by Stacey

I think that I had a little help picking up the party atmosphere (Lynn and Jenny) … but i can honestly say that I have NEVER had a bad time at the CWS. Thanks Moosey and Kris for refilling my “Pepsi” for me!! I will have to agree with Harper, the CWS is in my top 3 favorite times of the year!!Don’t worry I will not disapoint this year, I will come everyday with my party pants on, and a Busch Light in my hand!!!!! Omaha and CWS fans from everywhere, get ready for the time of your life at The View!!!!!

Comment by Toni

Great Post!
It was Kris that pulled me into the Stadium View world and I couldn’t be happier or thank him enough.

Comment by George

George – are you coming back this year to say goodbye?

Comment by KB

That’s my BRO!!
Love ya Duke!
Great article Piv!

Comment by MOOCH

Thanks Mooch – Love Ya!

Comment by KB

Piv – Thank you for those kind words. I’m honored to be a part of the Pivovar family.

Spending 17 (I’ve been “employeed” by you for half of my life!) of the 19 years (missed the first and the 98 series because of a new job) at The View during the CWS have been amazing and I know it will be hard to give up…There are so many great memories, characters and friendships that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I’ve been blessed to be a part of your “mess”. Thanks for having me.

The CWS at The View is my favorite time of the year…It’s Christmas, Thanksgiving and Birthday all wrapped up in one.

What will we do after this year?

Comment by KB

Great article Piv! I know I’ve only been around a few years but it doesn’t take long to see you have an amazing family and a well deserved “extended” family who think the world of you. There’s not much for which I’d give up my husband for 10 days, but seeing you all in action makes me understand! Can’t wait to see everyone in a few weeks!

Comment by Kate B

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