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We are family at the College World Series! Wait til the “Biggest Buddies” Group Hug. Who wants in? by gpiv
June 9, 2010, 3:12 am
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Nine bottles of beer in the fridge.

Who’s getting excited.  I think it’s sinking into the sixteen teams that are left that they may make it to Omaha.  Their fans are starting to get excited.  Certainly they will be looking on the internet.  I’ll need to put the College World Series in every title to try to attract some attention.  We have over six hundred hits in the last two days, probably due to the sendoff to the LSU tigers.  Don’t worry it is not the last mention they will get lin the next three weeks.

Miami is the final team in.  Not my choice but I welcome the Hurricanes to the final sixteen.

I got more feedback to yesterdays blog then to all the others in about the last three weeks.  Seems some of the regulars wanted to hear what I thought of various employees.  Layoffs are coming and as opposed to the seasonal layoffs (That’s a 50 week seasonal layoff for the last few years) that we have had in the last ten years or so, they may be a little more permanent.  At least until they rebuild the Stadium at Rosenblatt.  It could happen.

I have to talk a little more about free labor.  And I’ll start it off with my wife, Amy.

She has given up her life to me for the months of May and June for the last 19 years.  She understands that it is pretty much a one man show getting The View ready for the CWS and that I need some space.  And space she gives me.

And support and love and help when I need it.  I look at my other friends who have wonderful and not so wonderful wifes and they just don’t compare.  She not only gives me up for the College World Series but for about a month for the Saint Bernadette basketball tournament and a week at a time for the five to ten charity projects that I run.

Come to think of it maybe she ;just doesn’t like me!

Why ;would she?

She helps at the store whenever she can.  Somebody has to keep a regular income during the series.  And she greets the customers with a free beer more readily than I do sometimes.  And she loves when the customers mistake her for one of my daughters rather than my wife.

Really, maybe she doesn’t really like me.

But she is the one who is going to have to deal with the emptiness and depression next year.  Nineteen years is a long time to do anything.

I can’t say enough about my wife.  She’s just a fine gal.

Ask her about Scootey, her favorite college world series story.

Next in the free labor department are my son in law and son-in-law to be.  Erik gets the first shout out because of seniorty.

Erik is so nice that everybody in the family takes advantage of him.  If there was a car bomb parked next to The View, Stacey would send him out to disarm it.  But he’d have to be back before she got sleepy and he had to drive home.  He is the beer runner, the Harper runner, the bank runner when we get arrested and just about any unpleasant job that can come about at THe View has Erik’s name written on it.

And he’s also the family tech support.  Now if there is two ways to plug a plug into a socket, it will take me two tries to get it plugged in.   Erik is the impetus behind this blog, and does all the connecting of the dots.  For a while I also left the editing to him until I found spell check.

Some people say Stacey got lucky when she dumped Larry and found Erik.  They’re wrong.  We all got lucky.

And who says luck doesn’t come twice.  We’re done photoshopping boyfriend after boyfriend out of the photos for Toni.  We got a keeper.

But he gets in The View labor pool kind of late.  Just a few years and Carl’s pension isn’t  vested.  By the way everybody’s pension is invested at DJ’s keno.  When you want to cash out just go up there and ask them for it.  I am sure they will know what you mean.

Carl gets to be a designated driver too.  and this year I am sure he and Erik are going to feel like Hauptman, Obrien’s free taxi ride home.  However, I think that Carl and Erik may be a little more active in the imbibing department this year and maybe I better talk to my friends from Hauptman Obrien and have one of those free taxis on call.

The one thing is you are not really sure what’s on Carl’s mind until he mumbles it, and then you really don’t know.  For those who might have missed the last couple series Carl will be the one with the curly hair, puka shells and not a clear word coming out of his mouth.

When he says “I do” to my daughter in October I won’t hear that either, the sniffles and sobs will drown it out.

By the way, anyone want to contribute to the wedding fund?

While I’m talking about labor, although not really free I do need to mention all of my nieces and nephews that have worked for me.  First it was Steph and then Brandon.  My God daughter Danielle filled in for a while followed by Brett and Shannon.  Shannon has been pretty active over the last year but since the anti-nepotism rule has gone into effect at The South Omaha Sun, I am not sure of her status.  That and I don’t know the status of her old boyfriend Matt who was a big help last year.

Annie and Grant have to put in a couple of shifts before we close down.

So Mikey Fahey I hope that all your family gets to work in your bar downtown for the future College World Series’.  I’m glad that somebody’s family gets to benefit from the move downtown.

Next year mine will be thinking of the fun we had for nineteen years or parts thereof and the friends we miss. 

As The View fades further and further out of the view.

But for this year, where’s that free taxi cab.

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HA!! Excellent post…I just about cried like a Pivovar. I guess I need to brush up on my bomb defusing skills.

And yes, there will be cabs called….I had no idea they were FREE!?!?

Comment by Double-U

Ha Erik, I did cry! Not sure if it was the thought of the inevitable sobbing that will take place at Toni’s wedding or if all my memories of the view got me. Either way this blog gets tougher for me to read everyday.

Comment by CzechGrams

no joke….we better all hydrate, it could get rough.

Comment by Double-U

HA! I think we may have to find Carl a new puka shell necklace to wear, he hasn’t shown them off in a while so they may hae gotten lost. But i will make sure that he wears them down so that everyone knows who he is!
Erik, we may take advantage of you a little, but we appreciate EVERYTHING that you do!!! OH, and if you want to pratice your Bomb defusing skills i do have a season of Macgyver that you can totally borrow!!!!!

Comment by Toni

what can’t you learn from a season of MacGyver?? I’m pretty sure the DVD’s can double as skillets to fry an egg if you get hungry.

Comment by Double-U

HA! i’m pretty sure your wife doesn’t help enough. with my OCD, i can only start helping after the initial clean-up. you know i’m there for the food, entertainment and commeradery-not
necessarily in that order. handing out beers seems the best thing i can do since i never know the price of anything!this was a great blog. i laughed until i cried ten i just cried. i may be needing one of those taxi’s this year.

Comment by amy

Piv—If you need a designated driver any time just call. Mary Jo will vouch for me.

Comment by Jerry Noble

Piv—If you need s designated driver just call. Mary Jo will vouch for me.

Comment by Jerry Noble

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