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Good luck in the Super Regionals and Welcome to Omaha! The College World Series and The View WANT YOU! by gpiv
June 10, 2010, 4:29 am
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Eight bottles of beer in the fridge.

There is a good chance I am going to have that naked law school dream tonight.  I am so busy at work that the cleaning and organization of the store is lagging.  It’s going to be like the year the guy didn’t order t-shirts for me.

I have a trial all day today so I can’t belabor this one.  Besides I already paid homage to most of those who are the Stadium View core, except my former employee who wishes to remain nameless in order to protect himself and me from the wrath of his mother.  I think he understands what he means to me and has meant to The View.  So while he shall remain nameless he shall certainly be remembered in the annals of The View.

Got a call from friends in California today.  They are a group of fireman who bring me a fire man softball t-shirt yearly and who are doing a video daily during the CWS.  The link will be at my facebook page.  check it out.  They love The View and we love them.  This is going to be one big hugfest and tearfest at The View.

The next four days are perhaps the most exciting for both those of us who are intimately involved in the College World Series and those teams who are playing to make the ultimate trip to college baseballs Mecca.  I played competitive ball and softball for most of my life and the thrill of stepping on the field and knowing that what you are doing may land you in the championship of some kind has got to be unbelievable.  I feel for every player who stands on that field and wants every ball hit to them, as I did, because if anybody is going to make the big play I wanted it to be me and if anybody had the shoulders to take the heat for not making the big play it was me.  If you have never felt the pressure along with the anticipation you may not understand.  But being a control freak by nature, if you’re a good player, you want to control the outcome.

Omaha is a long way from all the competition sites this weekend. Yet it is just a play or a swing away.  Those players who understand that will relish this weekend.  Those who either don’t understand that or want to hide from that will enter the weened in fear and trepidation.

I have voiced a lot of preferences over the last 90 days about who I like and who I want to see in Omaha.  That is the vendor in me speaking.  I speak from the heart when I say that each and every team that takes the field this weekend has my admiration and a hope that they, for their competitive fervor and desire, will make it to Omaha.

It really is something special.  And if your fans are reading this, Rosenblatt Stadium is something special.  As much as I want to make Stadium View a big part of that experience, the Series and the Stadium are what you need to shoot for.  They are both such an unbelievable part of my life and they will be of yours, if you make it to Omaha.

But if you do come and see us.  Each and every one of us will greet you, whether you are one of the teams I had hoped would get here, or one of the teams that I may have said something negative about, with the same enthusiasm and the same respect, because you played on that field and you fulfilled your dream, at least a big part of it.

You got to Omaha.

And to each of your fans, I or my staff will give the Stadium View greeting, never knowing when it may be the last one that we give out, but always knowing that it is the way we roll.  We will greet your fans and we will ask you………………………..

“Would you like a beer.”

“You know they’re free.”

And they are, with the exception of the proviso that you have to enjoy yourself and your trip to Omaha and say goodbye to the old building…………..

Or maybe two!

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Dad, I am open ALL weekend if there is help needed at the store, I would even be willing to clean the infamous bathroom. But if i do that you are going to need to warn me so that i can wrap my entire body in the material those yellow gloves (people use for cleaning) are made of, it’s not the cleanest place! Oh, and i won’t go in the basement, i think it’s haunted! Let me know and I will be there!

Comment by Toni

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