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Cleavage Point; Stripper Radar;Betting Lines on a Telephone Pole; Anybody need Tickets;SPF 5000; and a Tear in the Corner of my eye; Revisit the Characters of Stadium View and the College World Series as we know it. by gpiv
June 11, 2010, 10:42 am
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Editor’s note:  Links to each of the detailed stories are provided in each re-cap if the synopsis sounds interesting…don’t be afraid to click, the story will open in a new window so you can keep reading!

Seven bottles of beer in the fridge.

Trial almost all day today. Prep most of last night.  The good news is that I am too tired to have the naked law school dream.  There is something to be said for exhaustion.  I was at the office at 4:45.  That’s a.m. for all you late sleepers.

Jerry Noble volunteered to designated drive.  He said he became  a professional of sorts driving his daughter Mary Jo Kocol around.  All right Jerry.  Just pull up every night about eleven and then again at midnight.  You can be the first Stadium View Jitney cab.

We’ve had over a thousand hits on the postings in the last four days.  The first few I can attribute to my LSU sendoff.  I also think we’re picking up  a little more readership.  And they had to start out with the sappy ones.  Well it’s good stuff.

I am going to give some of the nominations for the Stadium View top ten characters.  For those just joining us you have to understand that The View is not a business by nature.  It is my hobby.  And rather than a business it is a destination.  We have endeavored over the years to meet and greet everybody we can who comes to Omaha. Do I like to sell a couple t-shirts and a little memorabilia along the way.  Hell yes.  My heating bills in the winter are over $500.00 a month just to keep it at 65 degrees.  Plaster and lath is not the best insulation.  But what we really want to do is give you a beer, share our stories, break bread with you and let you go home with a story or two of your own.  We  are in more peoples vacation photos than any group of individuals short of the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore.

Ask me sometime if you remember about Abby’s Mt. Rushmore with hats.

I am not at this point going to rate the characters in any particular order.  if you go back far enough in the blogs you can read a whole blog about most of these people.  But this is the Readers Digest version for those who are just joining us.

Wacko makes the list.  You’ll see him this year, but if it is after like four o’clock he may not see you.  Wacko has a relationship with alcohol.  He will drink and it will put him to sleep.  But not before he has insulted a fair amount of people from Cleavage Point, and had to apologize to a few women and more boyfriends and husbands.  When Wacko drinks his mouth proceeds at light speed while his brain is on a walking mode.  Then he goes inside, sits in the rocking chair and falls asleep in the rocking chair.

Oh by the way he’s the Stadium View Sanitary engineer.

The parking Nazi will be out back.  He’ll be in the lawn chair across the street in the old lady’s yard that I think might have been doing the former mayor cause she talked him in to moving the series downtown so people wouldn’t walk across her yard two weeks a year.  The Nazi will be complaining about the heat and reading the newspaper while patiently watching the parking stalls.  There are precious few stalls to sell this year so he’s in semi-retirement prior to his permanent layoff.  He does have a way of steering the customers into the store, especially anyone who might look particularly like a stripper.  The Nazi has stripper radar.  While the Nazi claims that you date one stripper and you get branded.  I say, you date a hundred and your reputation may be deserved.

He’s the Director of outside operations, and the soon to be  Director of Future Acquisitions.

There’s some chance that the man in the red chair may make it this year.  He’s an all timer.  From Chicago, he can recognize a cow town in a minute.  So what does he do.  On the telephone pole right north of the building he sets up a gambling operation.  No shit.  And he sits in his red chair and posts betting lines right on the telephone pole in front of the cops.  And even more amazing, people who don’t know him from a hill of beans walk about and bet hundreds (yes hundreds) of dollars on the games, and, they leave the money with him.  It’s not only one of the boldest moves in Stadium View history, but also one of the most lucrative.

The boys have to be thrown in here.  Rob and Ray, businessmen who provide a service, have the ability to piss everybody at The View, including me, off at least once or twice during the Series.  But they also have an ability to entertain and watching them work the street to sell a ticket is an amazing feat sometime. They, like Wacko, have an eye for the ladies and will as a result have several confrontations with boyfriends during the course of the day.  Hey these guys got me arrested for something I didn’t do and I still like them.  Besides they and the Nazi are the only ones who come in early and can help me carry the days beer in each morning.

They are the Director of Ticket Operations which is only generally allowed around The View and which is an unsanctioned operation.

Lee Folger deserves a mention here.  Lee will be out front the first few days of the series, doing what he does best.  Invading peoples personal space in order to force them to take an issue of what is his passion, Baseball America.  Lee will almost assuredly be dressed in khakis with a Baseball America t-shirt on.  Oh and you can distinguish him from the other ten thousand men in khakis and a t-shirt by one trait.  SPF 5000.  Lee has enough sun block on to stop the sun if it goes super nova.  He could sit under the radiation machine for cancer treatment and its rays could not penetrate his sun block.  And if you are new to town and looking for The View, just pause for a moment on 13th street and during a quiet moment you will hear, “If you love baseball, You’ll love baseball America.”  Follow that mantra and you will find the View.

Lee is the Director of Publication Dissemination.

Some people have described me as a character.  I prefer icon.  My favorite part of the day is when I come in from being outside for a while and the place is full of people, many of them who have never been to The View.  The shock on everyone’s face when in a booming voice I announce “Howdy everyone, Anyone want a beer.”, is a joy to see.  Of course one or two regulars will retort, “I thought you’d never ask.”, but most people stare in disbelief as I follow up with, “It’s free, now raise your hand if you want one.” Nothing starts off a relationship like a free beer.  I can then spend the next 15 to 30 minutes explaining the Stadium View story to all who will listen and maybe selling a t-shirt or two.

Oh and by the way I’ll be the guy in the Hawaiian shirt.

I’m Piv, The Owner, the Mayor of 13th Street, and a self-appointed Ambassador from Omaha to the people of The College World Series.

Oh and if you come in and happen to see two or three guys in Hawaiian shirts in the place you’ll be able pick me out from the rest.

I’ll be the one with a tear in the corner of my eye.

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Iv enjoyed your blogs over the past couple of months Sir,giving credit to some when not even due.looking foward to the group hug,signing the view wall,having a cold one with waco and company,and even seeing the nazi again.i’ll be in next week for about the next 336 hours.Luckily it pays overtime, Im OUT, Scalper #1,Stingray,Randolph,Ray and the Manager of course.May God have mercy on your soul!

Comment by stingray

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